Review: An Enchantment of Ravens

This is not a genre I have read in a long while, but I must admit, I really enjoyed An Enchantment of Ravens which is a young adult fantasy romance with plenty of action and moments of danger. 

Isobel is a highly sought-after portrait artist whose patrons are the Fair Folk.  She is always cautious and wary around them, so is surprised to find that she lets her guard down around Rook, a Prince of the Autumn Court who has come back to Whimsy after many years to have his portrait painted by Isobel. 

However, she makes an unforgivable error by painting human sorrow in his eye, an expression of emotion which should be impossible for the Fair Folk.  The painting, showing his weakness, may cost him his life and, in order to save himself, he kidnaps Isobel so she can stand trial for her crime.  Any tentative feelings she finds herself having towards him are dissipated by his act.  This is just as well as Fair Folk and humans are strictly forbidden to fall in love under the Good Laws on pain of death or having to drink from the Green Well to become one of the Fair Folk, which is worse than a death sentence for Isobel.

Of course, their journey to the Autumn Court does not go according to plan and they find themselves in dangerous situations which inevitably leads to them slowly learning to trust each other, and the return of Isobel’s feelings for Rook.   The relationship between Isobel and Rook has a fairy tale quality and innocence, but with Isobel being in control despite the more obvious power of Rook. I loved many of the awkward, endearing encounters between them, and the moments of humour and tenderness.

Isobel and Rook find themselves drawn into a power struggle between the Fairy Courts which puts them both in the utmost danger.  Rook is determined to protect Isobel, no matter the cost.  Isobel is a feisty character with a quick wit who will not allow herself to become a victim to the political machinations of the Fair Folk. But, at what cost?  I really enjoyed the intertwining of the political plot thread with the development of the romance. I found the Fair Folk both fascinating and rather terrifying:  charming and glamorous yet vicious and cruel.

Overall, An Enchantment of Ravens is an engaging story with fast-paced action, a compelling plot, an endearing romance and sumptuous world-building. 

10 thoughts on “Review: An Enchantment of Ravens

      1. This one is 14+ according to the book. I didn’t find it a difficult read – I liked the politics, the strong female lead and innocent romance. The fae courts were interesting as was the implied power of humans. There were some ‘gory’ bits but nothing too heavy. I think I’m going to enjoy Sorcery of a Thorns more as it’s based around a library!

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