WWW Wednesday

I’m currently listening to Pride and Prejudice on audiobook which is my favourite Jane Austen book. It’s such a familiar read and is just perfect for me at the moment. I’m just about to start The Race which is one I heard about at the Cranachan Publishing event and, when I got the opportunity to be sent an early copy, I jumped at the chance as it sounds wonderful. This will be released on 3rd June.

I’ve finished reading Rainbow Grey which I absolutely loved – the characters, the humour, the concept – just wonderful. I will post my review in the next few days. I also finished listening to The Somerset Tsunami. Emma Carroll really , really knows how to write historical fiction! Fortune Sharpe is an incredible young girl who fights against accusations of witchcraft. The tension created and atmosphere is brilliantly portrayed and the scenes of the tsunami and its aftermath are astounding. This would make an amazing read aloud as there are some real heart-in-mouth moments, and plenty of opportunities for discussion. I also read The Three Impossibles which really enjoyed, especially the main character Mim. I have started my review! I also read two short Barrington Stoke books, Arctic Star and Featherlight which are both brilliant. Arctic Star tells the story of three friends who enlist in the Navy during WWII and take part in the Arctic Convoys, protecting ships bringing supplies to Russia to help in the war effort. This is a story of courage, danger and friendship – heart-breaking and uplifting. Featherlight is a beautiful story about a young girl, Deryn, who has to look after the lighthouse when her father and mother go to the mainland as her mother is having a baby. When disaster strikes and the light goes out with a boat in danger, she finds help from the most unexpected place. This is a magical, heart-warming read that I absolutely adored.

My next read was a very easy choice! I came home yesterday to find that I have been sent an early copy of one of my most anticipated books this year, Skyborn. I absolutely can’t wait to indulge in this one in one sitting!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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