Guardians of the Wild Unicorns

This is not your typical book about unicorns! Guardians of the Wild Unicorns is a fast-paced adventure set in the beautifully evoked landscape of the Scottish Highlands, where the last herd of wild unicorns has been captured.

Rhona and Lewis are on a school residential: one is in her element whilst the other would rather be at home. All that changes when Lewis makes a promise to one of the unicorns, a promise he is determined to keep. The affinity between the unicorns and the children, and their desire to protect them, resonates throughout the story.

This bond leads to the children being able to overcome their fears, and show determination and courage in the face of some very real threats from Ailsa, the laird’s daughter.

I loved the author’s portrayal of the unicorns as endangered animals: fearful, yet proud and fierce, and ever hopeful of their freedom.

There were so many elements I loved about this story: the authenticity of Lewis and Rhona’s friendship; a refreshingly different portrayal of unicorns with a modern twist; the representation of the Scottish Highlands; and, as I am a teacher, the depiction of the joys of a school residential!

I would highly recommend it to children of 8+

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