#Six for Sunday: Books with Sunshine on the Cover

The July theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot, is Summer Reads and today’s prompt is for:  Books with Sunshine on the Cover.  I was going to choose books with yellow covers (I’ve definitely got six of those!), but instead I’ve gone for books with links to islands/beaches as I grew up on the Emerald Isle and enjoyed its beautiful coastline during my long summer holidays which lasted for two whole months!  I’ve only read one of these, but the rest are on my summer reading pile with three on my #20ReadsofSummer.

1.        We Won an Island by Charlotte Lo.  This is the one I’ve read, and it’s all that  is joyous about a holiday read. It’s an incredibly uplifting story of three children who win an island in Scotland who decide to put on a festival to try to cheer their dad up.  Heart-warming and hilarious!

2.        The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.  This is the first of my  three which is on my #20ReadsofSummer.  I have read a couple of books by Kiran which I loved, and have had this one recommended.  Having read the blurb I already know I will love it:  “But beneath the dry rivers and dead forests, a fiery myth is stirring from its sleep …

3.        This leads on perfectly to my third choice, Malamander by Thomas Taylor which is also on my #20ReadsofSummer.  I’m looking forward to finding out more about the legendary malamander!

4.        The third book from my #20ReadsofSummer is The Secret Dragon by Ed Clarke.  Catherine Doyle has said this is ‘Utterly enchanting’ and that’s good enough for me … oh, and it has a dragon … and is set in Wales, both of which suit me perfectly.

5.        Elen’s Island by Eloise Williams.  I loved Seaglass so I bought this when Dragonfly were having a sale.  Island life … secrets … exploration … and another Welsh setting.

6.        Clifftoppers:  The Arrowhead Moor Adventure by Fleur Hitchcock.  I loved the freedom of wandering the beautiful, rugged Donegal countryside as a child with my brothers and sisters.  We made our own adventures, but none so exciting as I think Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh will have!

2 thoughts on “#Six for Sunday: Books with Sunshine on the Cover

    1. It’ll be a short read! Our first topic in September is Island Hopping with We Won an Island as our main text. I want to read some others based around islands so I can have some supplementary texts!

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