Review: The Dragon in the Library

Published by Nosy Crow
Publication Date: 6th June 2019
Illustrated by Davide Ortu

Stories are their own magic.

I completely and utterly adored this magical, humorous, action-packed adventure, which is also a celebration of the power of books and libraries to cast a spell over the reader. I’ve been spellbound by books ever since I was a child, relishing the opportunities they provide to allow me to travel to other worlds and to go on adventures with the characters.  And, goodness, I really loved this adventure!

Kit is a bit of a tomboy, enjoying the great outdoors, getting muddy and climbing trees, so it is not surprising that she wants to explore outside – even if it is a cemetery –  with her best friends, Josh and Alita, on the first day of their summer holidays rather than accompany them to their local library. 

Although this book is set in a library, Kit, unlike her friends, is definitely not a fan of books, and feels completely out of place in Chatsworth Library.  She can think of nothing worse than having to read aloud.  Sage advice is given by the librarian, Faith:

No one starts off good at everything.  You get good by doing.

Faith Braithwaite, who is rather more than she appears, is determined to find the perfect book to hook Kit.  This small detail succinctly encapsulates the importance of librarians. Kit makes an incredible discovery whilst checking out a book that changes her life in the most extraordinary way. 

What follows is a magical, action-packed, exciting adventure, suffused with humour, as the children must work together to thwart the evil corporate bad guy, Hadrian Salt, who is a deliciously nasty villain, determined to close down the library.  Does he really just want to add to his corporate empire, or does he have a more sinister reason for buying the library?

The magical system in this story is truly wonderful, and very clever.  I loved wandering and exploring with Kit and her friends.  Of course, as the title suggests, there is a dragon – and an adorable dogon – in the library. 

The children in this story are great friends who support each other wonderfully, and find that they are stronger when they work as a team. 

The illustrations are gorgeous, and really complement the story-telling.  I especially enjoyed the drawings of Hadrian Salt!  And the final image of Kit brought a very warm smile to my face – another win for reading!

Dragons, books, libraries, plucky heroes, magic … the recipe for the perfect book to engage any young reader and those who may not be quite so young, but still remain eager to escape into an exhilarating, magical story.

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