Top Ten Tuesday

This is a weekly meme now hosted by That Artsy Girl Reader.  This week’s theme is a freebie! I have been enjoying so many fantastic middle-grade books this year which feature witches, whether as main characters or side characters, that I’ve decided to go for my top 10 ‘witchy’ books! I’ve included both books I’ve read and ones I’ve got on my TBR pile which I’m really looking forward to.

These are part of a trilogy which sees Mup’s Mam taking her into a rather terrifying world of witches to rescue her father, who has been kidnapped by them in order to entice her back to Witches Borough . The second book sees her Mum expected to rule over the Borough and the best depiction of a ghost I’ve ever read! Incredibly powerful story-telling. I can’t wait for the final instalment!

The Widdershin sisters are just amazing, trapped by an ancient curse and making use of three magical objects to help them escape it. I can’t wait for their next adventure!

Willow Moss is born into a family of witches, but does not have the most powerful gift: she has the ability to find lost things. When a whole day goes missing, the incredible adventure begins.

Arianwyn Gribble is my favourite good witch in middle-grade. Despite being an apprentice witch, she is sent to the town of Lull to take on the role of town protector – and what a good job she does! I’ve read The Apprentice Witch and have A Witch Alone on my TBR.

There are both good and bad witches in this dark fantasy which really reminded me of my love of fairy-tale witches: both the evil, nasty sort and the good, kind-hearted ones.

The Northwitch is a side character in The Eye of the North, but she is an incredible character who filled me with awe and left me slightly terrified!

This is on my TBR and I’m so looking forward to it. The magical system sounds amazing and I’ve really got to meet the fox!

After reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon, I have decided to move this one up my TBR. It was written before it, but I think it might have Xan who I loved from The Girl Who Drank the Moon

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