#SixforSunday: Fictional places you’d love to go on holiday

The August theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot, is Books and Holidays and today’s wish is for fictional places you’d love to go on holiday. There are so many fictional places I’d like to go on holiday that it was difficult only choosing six.


I loved the map for Eerie-on-Sea and would love to visit some of these amazing places during the summer.  I’d book into the Grand Nautilus Hotel before heading to the Eerie Book Dispensary to see if the mermonkey had a book for me.  After reading it on the Harbour Wall, I’d head to The Whelk and Walrus Pub for lunch before exploring the Museum of Eerie.  I’d then visit Mrs Fossil’s Flotsamporium to see what treasures she had found on the beach and finish my day with an evening walk along the beach.


The real Arranmore Island is in County Donegal where I was born, but I have not visited.  I’d love to visit it first and then visit the Arranmore in the books to see how they compare, but without Morrigan!

Turtle Island

I’m not really a fan of beach holidays, but if I had to choose one, it would be a beautiful island in the Pacific with glorious sandy beaches, just like Turtle Island! Somewhere I could relax, read books and wander along the sandy beach.

Rook’s Island

My ancestors are from Scotland and I visited Inverness and the surrounding area a few years ago.  I would love to spend some time on a Scottish island just like Rook’s Island with wandering goats, a music festival and some veggie chilli to enjoy.


I’d love to travel to the Unmapped Kingdom of Rumblestar through a portal and visit the fantastical landscape of floating clouds, waterfalls, spectacular castle and meet the magical creatures.   Maybe even be lucky enough to talk to a cloud giant or a snow troll – and have an adventure!


My favourite kind of holiday involves exploring and I’d love to be able to take the Gigantrak to the City of Medlock to meet some of the mechanimals and maybe – if I’m daring enough – sneak into the Imperial Personifate Guild of Medlock.

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