August Wrap-Up!

Wow! It feels like I’ve been away from blogging for ever, but it has been just over two weeks. So, what happened in August? Well, an epic-ish fail for my reading journey! But, my summer has been a success as I’ve managed to switch off from teaching and enjoy reading, my holiday, Netflix, shopping … Of course, now I’m regretting not doing more work …

I’ll start with my epic-ish fail! I was taking part in the #20BooksofSummer Reading Challenge, an annual event hosted by Cathy at I managed to read 15 out of the 20 books, but still have reviews to write for two of them – although I do have my trusty notes! And I will post the reviews – but they will be late!

These are the ten middle-grade which I read first, and had no difficulty completing! They were all brilliant reads and most have now made their way to my class library.

The other five books I read were from my YA/Adult group, and I only managed five of these, but they were a very good five! I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t posted a review for Wakenhyrst yet, as it was one of my favourite reads this summer. I also do intend to read the other five books in my list, but it will probably take me all of Autumn to catch up – or more likely, my Christmas holiday!

Now, the reason/excuse I’m using for my epic-ish fail is that, when I decided to do this challenge, I didn’t realise I would be going on a two week holiday to my favourite place: Disney World. This kind of holiday is pretty full on, and I got very little time for reading or reviewing. However, I did have the best time – drank lots of cocktails; ate lots of fab food including visiting the Epcot Food & Wine Festival; seeing fireworks and parades; and, of course, the rides. We also went to the opening day of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge which was incredible, if not rather crowded.

My other success was that I’ve managed to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge. This is the first year I’ve used Goodreads, so I set myself a challenge of 60 books, which I’ve now completed. I think I’ll leave the number set, and just see how many more I can read by the end of December.

As well as the books I read for the #20Booksof Summer Challenge, I did also manage to read some other books in August. These are either books I’ve bought or been approved to read via NetGalley. Altogether, I read 12 books in August: three were NetGalley approvals, five were from my #20BooksofSummer and four were books I’d bought.

NetGalley approvals read:

Books bought and read:

I’ve also been approved to read two other books on NetGalley which I’m really looking forward to, especially ‘The Mercies‘ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I’ve read all of her middle-grade (apart from The Island at the End of Everything) and her first YA, The Deathless Girls which is being published on 19th September which is a stunning read. It is so hard not to keep requesting books, but I’m trying really hard to keep my requests under control. I was disappointed not to have been approved for Amy Wilson’s new book, Shadows of Winterspell, but it’s being released on 17th October so not too long to wait – except it is!

I also came home to some fantastic holiday post courtesy of Toppsta and Usborne.

This has jumped to the top of my TBR. I absolutely loved ‘The House with Chicken Legs‘ and can’t wait to read Yanka’s story. Now, if only that pesky work would get itself done so I can make a start!

I’m just going to finish with my Netflix series of choice – honestly, I’m not procrastinating to avoid work!

My husband and I watched the fantastic ‘Stranger Things‘ seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back. We’ve also been watching ‘Dark Matter‘ which I’ve really enjoyed. I seem to be able to watch sci-fi much easier than read it.

How did you get on if you did the #20BooksofSummer? What are you currently watching on Netflix? I’d be really happy to get sci-fi reading recommendations!

14 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up!

  1. Ah, sounds like a wonderful holiday – both Disney World and the reading, sounds like you really managed to switch off abd relax. Good for you! Hope the start of term goes well! I think you did brilliantly with your summer reading challenge – definitely not a fail!
    I loved The Girl Who Speaks Bear, I hope you enjoy it too.


    1. Thank you! It was really lovely to switch off! It’s just the usual panic now before going back to school but I think that happens for all teachers. We always believe we’ve forgotten how to teach! Just need a few days to settle back in! I’m going to start The Girl Who Speaks Bear after The Great British Bake-Off!

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  2. I wouldn’t call going to Disney World over finishing the last five books a fail! Looks like you had a great time! I’m a massive middle-grade fan so I love seeing all these books. Lots are on my TBR. I can’t wait for the new Tilly book. I can’t decide if I want to request the arc – or wait till the book comes lol

    Also, had to add a couple middle-grades I didn’t know about to my TBR, so my wallet thanks you lol


    1. Thank you – just don’t like not to complete something on time! I adore middle-grade. I’ll be buying the book when it comes out – the e-arc was my flight read! Sorry! I’m always adding books to my TBR based on recommendations!


  3. My 20 Books of Summer did not come out well this year. I read 12. This is the first year I did not complete it. I love the looks of many of those middle grade books. Your holiday also looks amazing.

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