#Six for Sunday

The October theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot is Autumn Feels and today’s prompt is for Books with Leaves on the Cover. I was surprised by how many books I had with leaves on the cover. These are the six I’ve chosen:

This tense story is set in a wood where three children become lost …

This is the incredible story of a young girl who has come to Britain on the kindertransport

This is the story of a dangerous, enchanted forest …

This one is on my TBR – it sounds like a really magical read …

Another one on my TBR. I love the front cover … and I’m always intrigued by stories about witchcraft.

This is my latest purchase. It is the follow-up to The Clockwork Crow.

4 thoughts on “#Six for Sunday

  1. Great list!! I almost put Charlie Noon on mine as well!! I have read the Familiars as a proof and it’s really good in some ways but just feels like it’s holding back too much in other ways. I enjoyed it but wanted a bit more oomph!
    I have The Velvet Fox on order so my local bookshop should have that on Monday for me fingers crossed!!
    I have in the time of green magic but haven’t got round to reading it yet!!! Been a busy crazy September and even more so now with Super Thursday releasing SO Many amazing books!!

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    1. Thank you! Think it’ll be Christmas before I get to The Familiars. I’m really looking forward to The Velvet Fox – hope you enjoy it too! I have a ridiculous number of books to read – roll on half term for me to catch up a little! Hope you’re feeling better. 💚

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      1. I am still rather poorly- and for a change up have a poorly Littlefae on my lap today!! She’s watching Netflix and I’m reading so we’re both at least happy 😊

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