WWW Wednesday

This is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.  It asks three questions:

1.      What are you currently reading?

2.      What did you recently finish reading?

3.      What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m currently reading The Great Brain Robbery which is the second book in The Train to Impossible Places adventure. I loved the first book, and this is such a welcome return to this incredible world.

I recently finished The Secret Starling which is a wonderful mystery adventure set in 1970s Yorkshire and London. It was a really heart-warming story with an intriguing mystery and great friendships. Hoping to post my review this weekend. I also read A Most Peculiar Toy Factory which I found much more creepy than I expect, but it really is a fantastic story, with brilliant ending!

It’s time! I’m taking my first step on my Believathon journey by reading the Group Read. I’ve really been looking forward to Frostheart as it looks like a really fun read. I’ve more or less finalised my list and will be posting my final choices next week.

7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Aaaah🙈 I feel I’m the last person o finalise their Believathon I keep dithering!!! I’ve decided since I’ve read everything I have commitments to (hooray for me!!) at least until post arrives ☺️ I will sort my Believathon this afternoon and then treat myself to finally reading Picklewitch and Jack!

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    1. I only finalised mine on Friday! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve chosen! I’m so glad I’ve got next week off as I have quite a lot of books I’ve committed to review! Not sure when I’ll get time to review the others I’ve read, but I feel really bad not posting a review for them! I haven’t read Picklewitch and Jack – it looks like fun!

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      1. I didn’t get round to either!!!!!! The girls were shall we say ‘on fine form’ because neither of them slept well last night (Tinyfae woke up at one and didn’t go back until after 5pm- by which I had read 4/5ths of The Girl who Stole an Elephant to her!!)

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      2. I really admire your ability to survive with so little sleep – and still have the energy to read! I’m absolutely drained by this long half term, and can barely keep my eyes open past 9 pm on a weekday.

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      3. Survive is the word! It’s not thriving but I think I’ve acclimatised somewhat? I haven’t slept normally since the 2012 Olympics when first pregnant with Littlefae thanks to the terrible nausea and then Tinyfae basically hasn’t slept well since she was about 5-6 months old- this has been my reality for almost 3 years now. I couldn’t do a thing without my mum and I think I’d go mad if I couldn’t read!!!

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