#Six for Sunday: Autumn Feels

The October theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot, is Autumn feels and today’s wish is for:  Witch-y books.  I love this prompt as there are just so many books with magic and witches that I adore. I’ve chosen six of my favourite middle-grade books which have witches/magic.

Despite failing her evaluation to become a fully-fledged witch, Arianwyn Gribble, is sent to Lull to continue her apprenticeship.  She is soon taking on the role of town protector, making charms and banishing dark creatures, although everything doesn’t always go according to plan. She is the most wonderful character, and I’m so excited to read her next adventure, A Witch Alone as part of Believathon.

Willow Moss is born into a family of witches, but does not have any of their exciting powers.  Finding lost things does not seem a very important magical trait until a whole day – Tuesday to be precise – goes missing, and the most powerful, feared and revered witch in Starfell comes asking for help! This book is full of adventure, friendship and the most wonderful kobold, Oswin! I’m so looking forward to her next adventure!

This is a wonderful contemporary magical tale. Clementine does not fit in and one day discovers a hidden house, filled with Snowglobes, holding trapped magicians. She discovers a past that helps her understand who she is. A beautifully lyrical story by one of my favourite middle-grade authors.

I adored this book which has one of the most unique magical systems I’ve ever read about. Rayne is a reluctant spell breather who must go on a daring adventure in order to save her town from the monster curse that has overrun it. Review coming shortly.

I devoured this one and the second book, The Little Grey Girl, over one weekend earlier in the year. On the night her Aunt dies, the Raggedy Witches come for Mup’s Mam, intent on luring her back to Witches Borough.

This is the story of the three Widdershin sisters who discover they are trapped on their island by an ancient curse, one they are determined to break. I adored this story and was so excited when the author, Michelle Harrison, announced that the second book in the series, A Sprinkle of Sorcery is being released on 6th February.

4 thoughts on “#Six for Sunday: Autumn Feels

  1. I love a good witchy book – I adored The Worst Witch when I was younger. I’ve actually never read any of these and now I want them all! Well a couple were already on my list.
    How stunning is the cover of Starfell? ♡

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