Review: Frostheart

Written and Illustrated by Jamie Littler
Published by Puffin
Published on 3rd October 2019

This is the most incredible, epic adventure which completely captured and entranced me as I joined Ash and the crew of the Frostheart on their daring quest to find Ash’s parents, whilst they strive to avoid the terrors of the Leviathans who relentlessly pursue them on their perilous journey across the Snow Sea.

Ash has been made an outcast from his home amongst the Fira people as it has been revealed that he is a Song Weaver, a people who are feared by others as they have an affinity with the dreaded Leviathans because they can commune with them through song weaving.  After his exile, Ash joins the crew of the Frostheart alongside his rather stern and grumpy, yet well-meaning, yeti guardian, Tobu. 

So begins THE most incredible epic quest which is overflowing with edge-of-your-seat danger, jaw-dropping discoveries, and heart-warming, humour-filled friendships.  The world-building is amazingly immersive from the description of the cold, isolated landscape of the Snow Sea to the places they visit such as Skybridge where the technologically-minded vulpis live in Shade’s Chasm which is an icy escape-route through the mountains to the Isobai Stronghold.  The Frostheart sleigh-ship is also wonderfully described and is like a character itself in the story. 

I’m willing to do anything to find them.  To find out who I am, and where I belong.

Ash is a beautifully sympathetic character.  He feels like he doesn’t belong with the Fira people leading to loneliness and isolation.   Despite knowing that it is against Fira Law, he is so powerfully and irresistibly drawn to his talent as a song weaver that he is compelled to practice and harness it, no matter the consequences.  Ash is impulsive and doesn’t like to follow rules, but he is also courageous and a loyal friend. 

He has a deep need to belong:  the crew aboard the Frostheart become the family he is desperately seeking – and what a crew they are! Captain Nuk is courageous, astute, cheerful and, most importantly, loved by her loyal crew. The young navigator, Lunah, has a boundless flow of curiosity and energy which is infectious.  Both these crew members immediately accept Ash for who he is, so he immediately feels that sense of belonging that he so craves. 

I was completely blown away by the epic scale of Frostheart.  So much magical story-weaving, character and world-building happens that it is hard to adequately express just how extraordinary this story is! And I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous illustrations which are such an integral part of the story and really help to draw the reader even further into the magic that is this story.  I cannot wait for the continuation of Ash’s quest.         

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