WWW Wednesday

This is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.  It asks three questions:

1.      What are you currently reading?

2.      What did you recently finish reading?

3.      What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ve just started The Gift of Dark Hollow which is my 8th book for Believathon. It is my ‘Book with an animal character’ prompt. I read the first book in this series, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear earlier this year and loved it, so I’m looking forward to going back to this series.

This week I’ve finished reading four more books for Believathon. The Book of Three was my Myths and Legends prompt; The Children of Green Knowe was my Classic Children’s Story prompt; and, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was my Re-read a Childhood Favourite prompt. I also read The Little Mermaid, a new translation of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale (approved via NetGalley) and Ghost which was my Stories with issues prompt for Believathon. I’ve reviewed the first four, and will post my review for Ghost this weekend.

I hope to read The Velvet Fox as my Seasonal prompt for Believathon and Angel on the Roof which I got from my local library.

6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. My goodness Mary you’re knocking down those Believathon prompts like Wonder Woman!!! I am struggling, I don’t know if it is my nan visiting, the book I’m reading or this time of year blues that is affecting me.

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    1. I’m surprising myself – will catch up on some more reviews this weekend. I think it has really helped that I read loads at the weekend, and don’t do any school work. I tend to get up really early to read on the weekend too. It looks like you have quite a few book commitments as well. I can totally understand how having your Nan visit makes it difficult to read. Hope you’re ok. 💚 If you want to buddy read Eye of the North or Beyond the Odyssey just let me know!

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      1. I will let you know when I get to Eye of the North! I’m ploughing on with The Toll tonight. I’m giving it another 100 pages if I’m still struggling or it takes me longer than an hour I may have to admit defeat which I don’t want to as I actually want to know how this ends!!!!!

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