#Believathon: a story set in the past

Published by Kathy Dawson Books
Published on 5th March 2019

This is the companion novel to The Mad Wolf’s Daughter which I really enjoyed reading earlier this year, the events of which take place shortly following the dramatic events of the first book. This story is set in the lowlands of medieval Scotland, with its wonderfully evocative wild landscape of forests and coast, and features one of the strongest, most heroic protagonists I’ve ever come across in middle-grade. She really does deserve her status as a legend!

Drest has been reunited with her father and brothers, a local warlord (known as the Mad Wolf of the North) and his war band of sons, but trouble has a way of finding her and it does this time as the most dire sentence has been placed upon her – a wolf’s head – normally reserved for the worst of criminals, but placed on a young girl who is feared by the local Lord of Faintree Castle who is intent not only on seeking her death, but also that of her family and his nephew, Emerick, the rightful ruler of Faintree. Luckily for Emerick, he has the protection and loyal friendship of Drest!

As there is a bounty on her head, Drest is in constant danger; however, this does not stop her single-minded determination to protect her friends, Lord Emerick and Tig, and to restore Emerick to his rightful place as Lord of Faintree Castle. So begins an incredibly action-packed and exciting mission as the hunted becomes the hunter, as Drest uses her quick wit and agility to escape her enemies … but will one young girl be able to defeat a cruel Lord, intent on using all the considerable resources in his power to defeat her? Goodness, this story fair fizzes with action, tension and edge-of-your-seat moments that truly made it unputdownable!

Drest really is the MOST incredible young girl. She is fiercely independent, determined to follow her own chosen path, incredibly courageous and a wonderfully loyal friend. She has been brought up by a fierce warlord father who, whilst he loves her, expects her obedience, but Drest has a mind of her own, and makes her own decisions. She chooses her own path and follows it with a single-minded determination that is truly admirable. It is no wonder that her friends are devoted to her and that her brothers dote on her. She might be referred to as a wee lass, but she has a warrior’s heart, and uses it to forge her own destiny.

The author, Diane Magras, grew up in Maine, but has a love of all things medieval and Scottish! I loved the Author’s Note which gave an historical context for the story which I found fascinating.

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