WWW Wednesday

This is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.  It asks three questions:

1.      What are you currently reading?

2.      What did you recently finish reading?

3.      What do you think you’ll read next?

I haven’t started a new book yet as I’ve just finished one, but I’m just about to start Tiger Heart which I was approved to read via NetGalley, and which is being published on 9th January.

I didn’t post last Wednesday, so these are the three books I’ve finished over the last two weeks. Orion Lost is being published on 9th January and the other two on 6th February. I will be posting my reviews for these just prior to publication. I just need to write them first!

I’ve decided to make sure that, this year, I read some of the older books which have been sitting in my TBR mountain, so these are the first two I’ve chosen. Both dragon-related, so perfect reads for me!

13 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

      1. I have Authors of the Term – definitely going to choose Andy Shepherd as one for Spring – will get books for class and school libraries and introduce in whole school assembly. Think the children will love these books!


      1. Oh lovely, I’m reading Snow Foal by Susanna Bailey but having a break to catch up on reviews and plan what to do with others. I’ve not read since NYE because I’ve been poorly and prioritised setting up my spreadsheets for the year including the ever growing ‘Books I’ve got my eye on’ list!!

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      2. Hope you’re feeling better now! 💚 I’ve heard of Snow Foal but haven’t bought it – yet! I’ve already got a lot of books I want to get this year – I’ve managed to get 4 of my 5 January ones – just need Highland Falcon to be released even earlier!

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      3. Oh you’re lucky! I’ve been lucky enough to get proofs of a few awesome books coming out imminently or in a few weeks but so many more I’m excited to read!!
        Snow foal so far is bringing a vibe of The Star outside my window with Clifftoppers but the mystery is in the protagonist’s life not an external crime to be solved sort of thing. Plus it has a vibe of the Horse Whisperer and another thing I can’t remember the name of with a child and animal both needing emotional healing.

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      4. Totally guilty too, I think it’s not had the brevity communicated very well, and I think the cover (although beautiful as it is sparkly) makes it look younger- I gave it a go as I got it sent to me through a scheme and now I know why it was on the teen table in Waterstones!!

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