#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot. The theme for January is Getting to Know You and today’s prompt is Books people associate with me. Anyone reading my blog posts will know that I am an avid reader of middle-grade fiction, so I imagine people will associate me with reading children’s books – mostly fantasy! I’ve decided to take a slightly different slant on today’s Six for Sunday (as usual!) and share books associated with me related to my blogging journey so far!

My first Book Review on my blog was for The Golden Butterfly by Sharon Gosling. It is an absorbing, richly-detailed historical adventure set in the late Victorian period with a brilliant protagonist, Luciana, a girl outside her time who is not prepared to conform to the norms of Victorian society. She craves excitement and adventure, and protecting the legacy of her beloved Grandfather, the magician known as The Magnificent Marko, provides her with just that as she searches for the key behind her Grandfather’s Golden Butterfly illusion.

My first e-ARC approval on NetGalley. Before I started blogging, I had never heard of NetGalley and can’t actually remember how I found out about it now! I do, however, remember the excitement of being approved for my first book – racing upstairs to tell my husband who couldn’t see what all the excitement was about! I haven’t lost this excitement for being approved to read a book – and the disappointment of not being approved! Guardians of the Wild Unicorns is a fast-paced adventure set in the Scottish Highlands where the last herd of wild unicorns has been captured and are now endangered. It is up to Rhona and Lewis, two children on a school residential, to rescue them, overcoming their fears, showing determination and courage as they face some very real threats from Ailsa, the laird’s daughter.

My first physical ARC. Before I started blogging, I didn’t know that ARCs (Advance Reader Copy) existed! Not long after I started blogging, I saw a publicist ask on Twitter if bloggers wanted I Cosmo to review. Nothing ventured, nothing gained so I requested it, not expecting to be sent it. I was very excited when a few days later, it arrived through the post with a letter from the author. This will always be a special book to me – and luckily it is a brilliant story as well – and has the most likes for one of my reviews on Goodreads! I’ve decided that’s because I’ve let people know that Cosmo doesn’t die! I Cosmo is told from the point-of-view of an elderly golden retriever who is trying to help Max, the son in the family, through a family break-down. A truly exceptional story: full of life, heart, humour, friendship – and dancing!

My first book won via a Book Review site. I discovered a wonderful Book Review site quite by accident and thought I’d enter one of their Giveaways, not expecting to win! I was absolutely delighted when I received my first book to review via this site from the publishers. Swimming Against the Storm. When they discover that their home is under threat Eliza, her younger sister Avery and two of their friends decide that they are going to save it.  But how?  The children agree to go on a secret mission to find the legendary loup-garou who may be the key to saving their home before it is swallowed by the rising sea levels. This is a story with a strong ecological message set in the breath-taking Louisiana wetlands. A powerful story of children having the courage to shape their future.

My first Blog Tour. I signed up to a Blog Tour company with the hope that I would eventually be offered some middle-grade Blog Tours. I was very excited to be offered on a Tour, and loved taking part in my first Blog Tour for Awa and the Dreamrealm. I have taken part in a few others at the end of the year and have a couple more scheduled for February.

Taking part in my first Readathon. I decided to take part in my first Readthon which was the #20BooksofSummer run by Cathy at 764books.com. I loved taking part in this although I didn’t manage to complete all 20 – I did manage 15! My first read was Wildspark which is an absolutely stunning book by one of my favourite authors, Vashti Hardy. Prue Haywood is a talented engineer who lives on her small farm, building and repairing mechanimals.  She is overwhelmed by grief at the devastating loss of her older brother Francis.  But what if she could find a way to bring her adored brother back? This is exactly what she decides to attempt when she is invited to Medlock to work as an apprentice, working with animal personifates who embody people brought back from the dead – but with no memory of who they were in life. This is a truly incredible story which absolutely immersed and gripped me from the start.

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