January Wrap-Up

January always seems like a long month, and this year was no different! I think its the settling back into routine after the wonderful long Christmas break. It definitely felt like more than 31 days! I did, however, manage to get lots of reading done this month, but didn’t buy nearly as many books as I usually do!

Books Read (includes paperback, e-books and audiobooks)

I’ve managed to read 20 books in January: 13 paperback, 2 e-books and 5 audiobooks.


I was sent Orion Lost, Brightstorm and Darkwhispers by the publishers to review for a Review site. I won The Snowman and The Strangeworlds Travel Agency from a review site. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse was loaned to me by a child in school as she thought I would enjoy it – and I did! Letters from the Lighthouse was loaned to me by a teaching friend at work. The Girl with the Dragon Heart, Milton the Mighty and Boot were chosen from my TBR. I bought The Boy Who Grew Dragons, Charlotte’s Web and The Monster in the Lake.


I was approved to read Tiger Heart on NetGalley and was invited to take part in the Blog Tour for Below.


As part of my Bookish Resolutions, I decided I was going to try to listen to audiobooks, but I thought this was the resolution I was most likely to fail on! Boy was I wrong! I’ve started using Borrowbox from my local library to listen to audiobooks to and from work, and I’m loving it.

Books bought:

I bought 5 books in January which is not a lot for me! I bought the Puffin cloth bound version of Charlotte’s Web as I want to read more children’s classics this year, and this was a lovely edition. I’ll definitely be getting more in this collection. I bought The Boy Who Grew Dragons as I have chosen its author, Andy Shepherd, as one of our Authors of the Term. I’ve also bought lots of copies for lower school class libraries. I adored Louie Stowell’s The Dragon in the Library, so just had to buy The Monster in the Lake as soon as it was released. I’ve also bought two adult books this month – for a change! Both The Near Witch and Things in Jars sound amazing: mention witches or gothic to me and I’m already sold!

Books received for review:

I’ve received 10 books for review in January: 6 physical copies, 3 approvals on NetGalley and 1 e-book for a Blog Tour. I am always extremely grateful when I receive books from publishers whether that be via NetGalley, Blog Tour operators, review sites or publicists.

Physical books:


I loved the first two books in the Starchild series so was really pleased to be invited on the Blog Tour for the third book in the series: The Healing Stone. The books I currently have for review on NetGalley are The Keeper of Lost Cities, Viper’s Daughter and The House of Hidden Wonders.

January Reviews:

I posted 8 reviews on my Blog in January:

  1. Tiger Heart by Penny Chrimes
  2. Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm
  3. The Monster in the Lake by Louie Stowell
  4. Where the World Turns Wild by Nicola Penfold
  5. The Girl with the Dragon Heart by Stephanie Burgis
  6. Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll
  7. Milton the Mighty by Emma Read
  8. A Sprinkle of Sorcery by Michelle Harrison

Have you read any of these books? How has your reading month been?

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