Review: The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Published by Usborne
Published on 30th April 2020
Illustrated by Rob Biddulph

This is THE most wonderful, action-packed and exciting adventure:  heart-warming and hilarious with three adorable young boys who have such a gorgeous, genuine relationship.  I absolutely loved going on their laugh-out-loud adventure through Wales!  From the many moments of sheer comic genius to heartfelt revelations, this really is a brilliant story that captured me from the opening and left me sighing with contentment and smiling rather broadly – and just maybe ever so slightly tearful – in a good way!

Eleven-year-old Freddie Yates is a collector of facts – brilliant, obscure facts – that help him cope when life becomes difficult, and life becomes very difficult when he loses his beloved Grams who clearly meant so much to him.  Grams, however, has left him a clue that takes him on an incredible adventure … an adventure to find his biological father.  He is joined by two of his school friends, Ben and Charlie, who have their own reasons for making the journey.

All three boys are extremely likeable.  I loved the authenticity of their conversational, boyish style with its witty commentary and astute, honest observations.  Their friendship is perfectly captured through their clear enjoyment of each other’s company, their support of each other and their arguments.  And, of course, I absolutely loved the extremely funny situations they unwittingly find themselves in as they adventure through Wales in the hope of tracking down Freddie’s biological father.

The boys tackle their great summer adventure with a perfectly sensible plan… covering for each other with their parents so as not to worry them and taking a train to the last known residence of Alan Froggley to follow his trail … what could possibly go amiss with their perfect plan?  Oh – so much! Let’s see:  there is the onion-eating competition; the boat incident; the superhero costumes; and, the toilet situation to name but a few …

This story has such a heartfelt warmth and respect for family life, handling difficult issues in a sensitive manner, and lifting moments of sadness with humour.  The true meaning and strength of family and friendship is celebrated throughout:  family are the people who are there for you, who love you, no matter what.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough:  it really is the perfect mix of warmth and humour; friendship and family; and is a superb story to help children who are dealing with their own difficult situations and to build empathy in others. 

Thank you to Usborne Publishing for an early copy in exchange for my honest opinion

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