WWW Wednesday

I’m listening to Howl’s Moving Castle on audio which I reserved through Borrowbox. I’m really enjoying it so far, and just cannot believe I haven’t read it before now. I’m taking part in the #20BooksofSummer20 again this year. I’m just about to start my first book for this challenge, The Princess Who Flew with Dragons. I loved the first two books in the series, and am really looking forward to this one.

I’ve finished reading Dragon Detective: School’s Out this week, and absolutely loved it! I can really see lots of children in my class loving this, and think it would make a great read-aloud story. I’ll post my review at the start of next week. I’ve also finished The Wysman which is a young adult fantasy with plenty of intrigue, and a really engaging plot. It’s being published at the end of June so will post my review in the next couple of weeks. I’ve also read The Ice Garden which is a gorgeous story: heart-breaking and hopeful. Jess, a young girl who is allergic to the sun, finds a magical ice garden and makes a new friend, a friend who is prepared to make a great sacrifice for her. Jess spends a lot of time at the hospital where she meets a young boy in a comma who she reads her stories to. Jess is such a strong and courageous character who, despite her own situation and her understandable anger, proves herself to be a loyal friend. I adored the ending, which pulled the threads of this story together beautifully.

I’m hoping to read another book from my #20BooksofSummer20 next.: A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers’ Secret. I loved the first book in this series and bought this one as soon as it was published. I’m looking forward to another murder mystery with Justice Jones.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Coincidentally I am reading Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time. I’ve recommended it so many times on the basis of its reputation and because I love “Enchanted Glass’ so much. I’ve also read ‘A Girl Called Justice’ recently. Elly Griffiths is local to me so I’ve heard her talk three times now and she’s fascinating and so funny!

    I should also confess to reading your blogs but hardly ever commenting, I’m so sorry because you write well and your blogs are so interesting. Keep doing it!

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    1. It’s one of those books I’ve wanted to read for ages – hope you’re enjoying it! I love listening to authors talk about their books – how lucky to have met Elly Griffiths! Thank you so much for your kind comment about my blog! 💚


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