Review: Dragon Detective: School’s Out

Published by Stripes Publishing Limited (an imprint of the Little Tiger Group)
Illustrations by Scott Brown
Published on 11th June

Dragon Detective:  School’s Out simply sparkles with excitement, fast-paced adventure and oodles of humour.  It is an incredibly enjoyable mystery which I have no doubt will be adored by younger readers.  It’s a story I’m very excited to share with my class as I think it will make a perfect read-aloud story.  Now to practise my dragon voices!

Holly Bigsby has been sent to a high-security school to keep her out of trouble, and has been separated from her friend, Dirk Dilly, a neat-orange-squash loving detective.  Oh, did I mention that he’s also a rather debonair Mountain Dragon?

Dirk runs ‘The Dragon Detective Agency’ and has taken on a new assignment on behalf of a suspicious spouse.  Just as Dirk is about to conclude that there is nothing dubious to report, Professor Karl Rosenfield attends a secret meeting with a sinister sounding stranger.  He hands over a highly dangerous weapon which is being developed by the Government in return for a mysterious package.

After following the Professor to a further meeting, Dirk learns that an old adversary is involved in a dastardly plot, and finds himself under attack by some nasty Tree Dragons.  He tricks the dragons, and makes a timely escape … to find himself near Little Hope which is close to Holly’s school … can he reunite with his partner to solve the case?

Meanwhile, Holly makes a rather disturbing discovery of her own.  Callum, a rather nervous and unusual boy in her school, makes a revelation that he was kidnapped by dragons.  Holly uses all her ingenuity to escape so that she can share her discovery with Dirk.  Does Callum’s kidnap have anything to do with Dirk’s current investigation?

With the two super-sleuths now working together, it is not long before they discover a terrible plot orchestrated by a cruel and manipulative villain.  It is up to Dirk and Holly to work in tandem to foil this threat … will they be able to outsmart a super-villain intent on domination of both the human and dragon worlds?

I loved the delightful assortment of characters in this wonderful story, from the hilarious comedy duo of Arthur and Reg to the brilliance of the playful use of language used by the portmanteau-speaking Tree Dragons who, I know, are nasty, BUT, come-on, they use words like ‘terrofear’, ‘comprestand’ and ‘manumans’ and I just LOVE them!  Not sure what that says about me, but I’m going to have a funtastic time playing with these in class!

Dirk and Holly have formed a heart-warming friendship where they look out for, and care about, each other.  They are both incredibly likeable characters.  Dirk is quick-witted, clever and tenacious.  I love the idea of a dragon living in London, blending into his surroundings, hidden from unsuspecting humans. He is prepared to break the rules over dragons associating with humans, even though being found out would have dire consequences for him.  Holly is gutsy, determined and astute and not averse to a little stealing, lying and manipulation of her own all in a good cause of course! Together, they make a formidable sleuthing partnership.

Dragon Detective:  School’s Out is a fun-filled, magical, action-packed adventure with a perfect sprinkling of danger, just fantabulous for young fans of mystery and dragons. 

Thank you to Charlie and Little Tiger for an early review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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