20 Books of Summer: Book 1

Published by Bloomsbury on 8th August 2019 Illustrated by Freya Hartas

The Princess who Flew with Dragons is the final book in the gorgeous Dragon Heart trilogy, all three of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It is a magical, warm-hearted and humorous adventure celebrating family, friendship and courage, and the importance of acceptance of your true self.

Princess Sophia is sent – extremely reluctantly and via a vomit-inducing dragon flight – on a diplomatic mission to attend the Diamond Exhibition in Villene.  She makes a far from perfect first impression so finds herself being sent to stay in a cottage rather than invited into the Royal Palace. Which suits her just fine!

This gives Sophia her first real opportunity to enjoy some freedom, without feeling tied to the duties and restrictions placed on her by virtue of being born a princess. She decides to explore the city in disguise and to attend a lecture being held by a philosopher whose work she greatly admires. Which is where her problems start! She meets some rather mischievous, adventurous goblins and a much more wary kobold who help her escape when she is about to be arrested. Sophia enjoys debate and adventures with her new goblin friends, but can she trust them enough to reveal her true identify, especially as the kobold, Fedolia is so unfriendly towards her?

When the royal court, including Sophia’s sister, is taken captive by some rather terrifying ice giants, intent on protecting their territory, she must put her diplomacy skills to the ultimate test.  With the help of her friend Jasper, a young dragon, and a promise from Fedolia, she sets out on a daring rescue mission that will require all her powers of philosophical discourse, and some righteous indignation!  

I adored Sophia, the book-loving princess with a young dragon as a best friend and a keen interest in philosophical debate. She has a strong sense of social justice, and is prepared to stand up for others. However, she is also vulnerable and very hard on herself, and feels that she is not good enough to be a princess, especially compared to her perfectly composed sister Katrin, the Crown Princess. Sophia is stronger than she thinks and shows great courage and ingenuity when showing her problem-solving and negotiating prowess. She learns that she can be imperfect, and still be deserving of friends who like her for her true self, flaws and all.

This is an incredibly heart-warming, enjoyable adventure filled with magic, humorous encounters and a fast-paced plot, which utterly captivated me.

4 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer: Book 1

  1. I’m glad your 20 books are off to a good start too! I’m not sure about this trilogy, Amy’s been trying to convince me for a while now as she’s a big fan but I just don’t get the feels!

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