Review: Mermaids Rock: The Floating Forest

Published by Stripes Publishing Limited (an imprint of the Little Tiger Group)
Illustrated by Mirelle Ortega
Published on 25th June

This is the second adventure in the gorgeously magical Mermaids Rock series, filled with playfulness, adventure and an appreciation of our wonderful underwater world.

Coralie and her friends dare each other to dive into the magic whirlpool at Mermaids Rock to be transported to any world ocean. When it is Coralie’s turn, she finds herself in a beautiful kelp forest where she discovers a treasure map in a bottle and befriends a playful young sea lion. Could trying to find the treasure be the start of another exciting adventure for the merfriends?

Returning to the kelp forest with her friends, they explore the natural wonder of this enchanting environment, befriend the inhabitants, and search for clues to locate the treasure. But, when a disaster strikes, they are determined to protect their new friends from dangerous predators …

The friends are fantastic: playful, charming and ready for adventure, but also appreciative of their environment, animal loving and keen to protect the ocean. They have lots of fun with their animal friends, and solve problems by working together.  They are keen to share their understanding of their environment, and the importance of ocean conservation, which is a brilliant way for young readers to learn lots of interesting facts through an engaging story.  There is a gentle conservation message given around the impact that plastic pollution has on ocean ecosystems, and the importance of looking after and protecting the ocean.

Coralie loves telling ocean-tastic jokes and there is a wonderful selection of jokes at the end of the book which are sure to bring giggles. There are also some fascinating facts about kelp forests and the creatures that live in this awesome environment.

I adored the gorgeously cute illustrations included throughout as whole and partial pages. This is a really fun and engaging read for young readers of 7+ who love magical adventures and learning facts through stories.

Thank you to Charlie and Little Tiger for an early review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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