WWW Wednesday

I’m just about to start reading The Mostly Invisible Boy which I have been sent for review by the author. I am also listening to Back Home by Michelle Magorian which I’m loving . I’m also reading The Jumbies for the Middle Grade Marvels reading group. I’ve read the first 11 chapters and am loving it. It’s quite creepy and I found it interesting that it revealed quite a lot at the start which makes me rather intrigued as to where the story will go next.

I finished listening to the audiobook of Louisiana’s Way Home from Borrowbox. Oh my goodness, it was fantastic. There are some very poignant moments in the story, but there is also hope. Louisiana is a wonderful young girl who I was rooting for from the start. She is both vulnerable and strong and her raw, honest telling of her story is both heart-breaking and uplifting. I also read The Time of Green Magic and The Mask of Aribella which are Books 6 & 7 of my 20 Books of Summer Challenge. I will post my reviews soon. I don’t often read Young Adult, but I saw an author on Twitter recommending Pet so I thought I’d get a copy. It’s a really stunning, thought-provoking read which tackles the issue of ‘monsters’ who are hiding in plain view, more difficult to find as the city of Lucille is supposed to have purged itself of all forms of monsters in society. One day, Jam unwittingly unleashes a creature from another dimension who she names Pet. It is intent on ridding the city of a monster hiding in her friend, Redemption’s house. Both terrifying and awesome, the narrative absolutely gripped me. It really is a brilliant read, and I’m so glad I picked it up.

I’m hoping to read Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot and the 8th book for my 20 Reads of Summer, The House on Hoarder Hill.

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