WWW Wednesday

I’m continuing to listen to the audiobook of Back Home which I’m really enjoying, although my heart goes out to Rusty who has returned to England after being evacuated to America. The way she is treated in the boarding school is shocking, but she seems such a strong character. I can completely see why she wouldn’t want to view England as home, and why she’d want to go back to America. I’m just starting to read The House on Hoarder Hill which is the 8th book in my 20 Books of Summer Challenge.

My intended reading went out the window this week! I finished reading The Mostly Invisible Boy which was a magical, action-packed adventure set in a wonderfully imagined forest community. I will post my review shortly. I normally read middle-grade, but this week I read a young adult and an adult book. I love reading stories with myths/legends/fairytale elements so I loved The Twisted Tree which is a dark, creepy tale influenced by Norse mythology. Martha has had an accident at her grandmother’s home and has lost the sight in one eye, but has gained the ability to tell a person’s emotions by touching their clothing. When she goes to her grandmother’s home to find out more, she discovers that her grandmother is dead, and meets Stig who has broken into the home. As Martha discovers more of her grandmother’s past, strange and terrifying occurrences take place which leads her towards the fulfilment of a family legacy as the line between living and dead weakens. I also read The Nickel Boys which absolutely blew me away. It is such a powerful story that shocked and angered me, but the ending completely wrecked me. There is much to rage over in this story, but it is also a testament to survival, endurance and redemption. I have immediately ordered The Underground Railroad.

I’m hoping to get to Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot next, although I also really want to catch up on reviews!

7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. The Underground Railroad is FANTASTIC. I’m waiting for The Nickel Boys to arrive.
    I quite enjoyed The Twisted Tree.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying Back Home. Charlotte said Michelle’s other books are just as good too so I’m going to try and read some more of them (on audio too if poss).
    I have House on Hoarder Hill in my pile too.

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    1. I’m going to try to read it soon. The Nickel Boys has made me realise I should read some more adult books. I’m loving Back Home but it’s taking me longer to finish than I expected. I’m hoping to finish it by next week.

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      1. I do that every so often – read an adult book, remember how much I enjoy them, plan to read more then gradually get swamped in MG again! Sticking with it this time though…!

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