WWW Wednesday

I didn’t get very far with The House on Hoarder Hill last week, so I’m going to finish it this week. On audio, I’m listening to The Secret Garden which was one I loved as a child.

I have finished three audio-books and three physical books this week. I absolutely loved Back Home (thanks to Rachael at Bellis Does Books for the recommendation) which follows Rusty’s journey into settling back into life in England after being evacuated to America during the Second World War. She is an incredibly sympathetic character and has to go through a lot, but I love how she stands up for herself, and the relationship which she develops with her mother as they re-connect. It was fascinating to see how the War changed women’s perspectives on their roles. I also finished The Jumbies which I am reading for an online Book Club. I was meant to leave some for the final week, but I couldn’t resist finishing at the weekend. I’ve never read a book with Caribbean folklore, and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the friendship between the children, the depiction of the jumbies is just the right amount of scary, and Corinne, the main protagonist, is brilliant. I loved the earth-magic, and will definitely be looking to pick up the next book in the trilogy. I have also read (and reviewed) 44 Tiny Secrets which is a very cute lower middle-grade about 44 pygmy mice who help Betsy improve her piano-playing in order to impress her parents. She learns great lessons around the importance of honesty and being true to yourself. I’ve also read Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Poison Plot (review posted tomorrow). I also listened to New Kid which is graphic novel. I really enjoyed this book which challenges stereotypes and explores friendship. Jordan, who enjoys art, moves to a new private school where there is not much diversity. The story follows his attempts at settling in and finding new friends at this prestigious school whilst being true to himself. I think this story addressed racism really well and called out examples such as a teacher continually referring to a black boy by another black boy’s name and assumptions made due to race. Finally, I listened to the audio-book of A Boy Called Bat which I really enjoyed. It is about a young autistic boy who wants to keep the baby skunk which his veterinarian mother brings home. It gives a wonderful insight into Bat’s life for younger middle-grade readers, and has the most wonderfully heart-warming ending. I’m going to get the book for my class.

I’m now on summer holiday, and I’m SO looking forward to sinking into these two over the next week – can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. All sorted 😉
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Back Home, you’ve summed up much of what I liked about it here too.
    Jumbies us definitely intriguing me, I’ll have to try and squeeze that in.
    Enjoy your Adventures on Trains double!

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