Review: Clifftoppers – The Fire Bay Adventure

This really is the best place in the world.

Chloe and her cousins, Aiden, Josh and Ava are back in the place they love, with their Grandparents at Clifftopper Farm, ready to enjoy the annual Drake’s Bay Fire Festival with a bonfire, music and fireworks – and even blazing tar barrel running! 

Events take an ominous turn when local buildings catch fire, and the children find themselves at the centre of a daring rescue. 

Determined to investigate what is causing the spate of fires, the children find themselves on another exciting adventure …  Chloe thinks the fires could be related to the sale of some cheap electronic equipment by some rather dodgy characters:  will her suspicions prove correct and, if so, will the children be able to bring the culprits to justice?  Could modern day smugglers be at work in Drake’s Bay?

The children become separated when Josh’s impulsive nature sees him make a reckless choice and Ava tries to protect him.  Meanwhile, Aiden and Chloe discover a smugglers’ tunnel leading to the sea whilst trying to reunite Mr Tibbs, a missing cat, with his owners.

After the children are reunited and share their discoveries, they celebrate the Fire Festival along with the rest of the town, fearing that unwelcome guests are amongst them. They soon find themselves using all their ingenuity to see justice done …

The children are written in a really authentic manner from the older, more easily embarrassed Aiden who doesn’t want to draw attention to himself to his younger, more reckless and impulsive sibling, Josh.  Chloe is quick-thinking and astute, often being the one to notice clues.  Ava finds herself looking out for her younger brother which leads her to make dangerous choices.  All four children are given freedom to explore at their Grandparents farm, and all have a real sense of adventure, so it is unsurprising that they find themselves caught up in a local mystery.  The banter between the children leads to some great humour, especially Josh’s insults!

This is a really fun, action-packed mystery adventure with just the right amount of intrigue and danger to engage younger readers who will, no doubt, enjoy adventuring with the four children and Bella, the dog, of course!  It is one I will definitely be adding to my class library.  

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