WWW Wednesday

I’m currently listening to Northern Lights on audio. I can’t believe, being such a fan of fantasy, that I haven’t read this yet! I did try many years ago, but just couldn’t get into it. I’m giving it another go and, so far, am really enjoying it. I’ve just started The Haunting of Aveline Jones which I already know I’m going to love. It’s definitely giving off spooky vibes!

I finished Small Spaces as I could’t stop reading where I was meant to for the Book Club discussion – it was so good. This is a really spooky tale that will never let me look at scarecrows in the same way again! I also read and posted my reviews Luna and Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of SPACE. I finished the audiobook of the first book in the Murder Most Unladylike Series and, when I had a chance to listen to a longer section, I really LOVED it. Talk about having to eat my words! I’d said I didn’t feel the need to pick up any others in the series – well I did, and now I’m ever so slightly addicted! I was reading Arsenic for Tea far too late last night and then again at 6am this morning! I absolutely loved it, and have the next two, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play downloaded from Borrowbox and ready to read. I want to have the next two read before Christmas and read Mistletoe and Murder during the Christmas holidays. I think the only problem will be holding back until Christmas! I also read The Beast and the Bethany which I absolutely loved – it is wickedly dark with plenty of razor-sharp humour. I will be taking part in the Blog Tour with The Write Reads this Saturday.

I’m a huge fan of both of these authors so I’m really looking forward to reading The Key to Finding Jack (due for release on 3rd September and for which I have been sent a proof copy) and The Midnight Swan which is the final book in the Clockwork Crow trilogy (due for release on 1st October which I was approved to read via NetGalley).

What have you read this week? Have you read any of these?

5 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

    1. I’m so eating my words over this one! Daisy is an enigma for me – can’t make up my mind if I like her or not! It’s going to be so interesting to see how her relationship with Hazel develops as I sometimes feel sorry for Hazel. I’m loving the 1930s setting too. I loved The Clockwork Crow and The Velvet Fox so I have good vibes about this one.

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      1. I felt almost EXACTLY the same about Daisy but she grew on me incredibly and I ended up really liking her and relating to her.
        Look forward to your thoughts on The Midnight Swan!

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  1. I couldn’t wait for Small Spaces either and haven even read the sequel. I’m so curious about the next book. I hope it will be released soon.
    I also really wanna read the Clockwork Crow books and Luna! 🙂

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