WWW Wednesday

I’m almost finished reading First Class Murder and am really enjoying it. I’m loving seeing how the friendship between Daisy and Hazel is developing, and also Hazel’s relationship with her father. The fact that the murder takes place aboard The Orient Express is an added bonus! It’s such fun to watch the girls find and eliminate suspects. I’m also listening to the audiobook of The Last Paper Crane which is one of the most powerful stories I’ve heard. There is so much emotion conveyed in a matter of fact, almost stark way that makes it even more heart breaking.

I really loved The Haunting of Aveline Jones which is a brilliantly atmospheric and spooky read, perfect for autumn (my review). I’ve had Wundersmith on my TBR since the paperback came out so thought I’d read it before Hollowpox is released in October. It was amazing – absolutely loved the world-building and following Morrigan’s first term at the WunSoc even if I did feel really sorry for what she had to put up with! I read Northern Lights through a mixture of listening to the audiobook, reading a paperback and doing both together! I had tried to read this years ago, but couldn’t get into it! This time, however, I loved it! Lyra is such an amazing character – I loved how strong she is, how determined and clever. Finally, I read The Midnight Swan which is the final book in the Clockwork Crow trilogy. I really enjoyed it and found it a perfect ending to this series. I will try to post my review soon.

I didn’t get around to reading The Key to Finding Jack this week as Wundersmith sneaked in instead! I’m going to pick it up next and will hopefully find time to read Grimm which sounds like a rather intriguing mystery, set in Scotland which is an added bonus.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. First Class Murder is one of my fave MMUs.
    If you get chance to read a physical copy of The Last Paper Crane, it’s worth it as the illustrations are brilliant.
    Glad you enjoyed Wundersmith and Northern Lights too!

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    1. I’m finding the MMU books great escapism and such fun to read! I’ll see if I can get my hands on a paper copy of The Last Paper Crane – I did a little of Northern Lights by listening to the audio whilst following along in the book – I’ve never done that before but I really enjoyed doing it.

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      1. Oh wow, that sounds interesting. I remember reading some old Disney books like that as a child (with a little magic ting to turn the page!) and loved it. Not quite the sane I know, but it’s brought back lovely memories!!

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