Review: The Midnight Swan

The Midnight Swan is the final part in this utterly enchanting trilogy and follows The Clockwork Crow and The Velvet Fox, both just as mesmerising as this book.

Seren and Tomos are enjoying the excitement of exploring the Summer Fair when Seren is drawn into a dark alley with an unmanned stall from which she acquires a small metal casket painted with the face of a black swan and the enticing message:  If you can open my closed lid, your heart’s desire inside is hid.  She takes this home to her tutor, who is trapped in the body of a Clockwork Crow, in the hope that opening it may help him find his human form again. 

As soon as the Crow sees the box, he knows it is the work of the Tylwyth Teg who are intent on causing dark mischief amongst humans, but also knows that it may provide the key to breaking the enchantment which has been cast over him.  He finally tells Seren and Tomos the truth of how he became enchanted, and it is worth having waited three books for!

So begins a dangerous journey by the children and the Crow to break the enchantment, a journey which sees Seren making a terrifying bargain, and which sees the Crow unleashing his own magic as they journey into an enchanted land to enter the Garden of the Midnight Swan, but will any of them have their heart’s desire met, or will the renowned trickery of the Fair Folk thwart them?

This story is beautifully atmospheric and lyrical, perfectly capturing the allure and danger of the Tylwyth Teg as they gate-crash Lady Mair’s Midsummer Ball, and offer enticing, but perilous, bargains.  The underlying sense of danger and urgency is palpable as Seren, Tomos and the Crow are drawn inexorably towards the Midnight Swan.

I adored the characters in this book.  Seren is a wonderfully kind-hearted and courageous girl who is prepared to make selfless sacrifices for those she loves.  She is desperate to belong in a family, and has doubts as to whether she is still welcome in Plas-y-Fran.  The Crow is absolutely brilliant!  He is cantankerous, rather rude and boastful yet also endearing as he is hiding behind a façade, feeling fearful, but trying not to show it. 

The Midnight Swan transported me into a magical world of enchantment, excitement and danger, and completely enthralled me with its evocative atmosphere, heart-warming relationships and sense of other-worldly mystery.

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publishers, FireFly Press, for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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