WWW Wednesday

I’m listening to the audiobook of The Last Paper Crane which is beautifully written – incredibly powerful and poignant with such inspirational and strong characters. My heart is aching for Ichiro and Keiko. I think this is one I will buy as well and re-read. I’m also reading The Key to Finding Jack which I’m really enjoying. The close bond between Jack and Flick is beautifully written and I sense that Jack may not quite want to go along with the future his father has planned for him. I’m really looking forward to finding out what has happened to him after the earthquake and also to explore more about Flick’s writing.

First Class Murder: I really enjoyed this murder mystery aboard The Orient Express.  I love following Daisy and Hazel’s sleuthing.  I’m not sure I’ve met a character quite like Daisy before – is she a product of her times and place in society?  Hazel is definitely standing up for herself more, and I loved that her father is proud of her and ready to give her a little more freedom.  The Detective Society cases are such classic murder mysteries and are solved with great deduction skills by the girls.  I’m already looking forward to Jolly Foul Play!

Emily Knight:   I am …  AND Emily Knight:  I am… Awakened: This was a really fun and quick YA contemporary fantasy series.  Emily Knight, now 13, is left in the care of godparents after her father goes to look for her missing brother and her mother dies.  Emily is rich and famous and draws negative attention to herself in order to try to get her father’s attention.  Her father is a famous Warrior with special powers and Emily has inherited her own powers.  She is in danger of hurting others as her powers, including fireballs, are unleased when she is angry.  She is sent to the school her father went to, rather reluctantly, where she makes some new friends.  The first book in the series which sets up the story:  Emily settling into school, despite some problems; making friends; developing her powers; with a few twists along the way!  The second book explores Emily’s growing relationships, her strengthening powers as well as the threat from Neci (a dangerous Warrior) who intends to destroy the Warriors, and who has previously killed two of the most powerful five.  I’m looking forward to reading the next book Emily Knight:  I am … BecomingThis series give me X-men vibes!

The Ship of Shadows: I’ve had this one on my TBR since publication and as was August’s Primary School Book Club winner, I wanted to read it before the online chat on 31st August.  I really loved this story which is full of action, danger, twists and revelations as we follow Aleja, who wants to follow her dream of becoming an explorer and having amazing adventures, aboard the MOST magical, fascinating pirate ship, the Ship of Shadows.   I may well have more to say on this later in the week!

Anisha Accidental Detective: School’s Cancelled: I really enjoyed this warm, fun-filled mystery for younger readers which I think children in my class will love. Review to be posted in next few days.

I’m hoping to read Grimm in paperback and listen to Orphans of the Tide on audiobook.

What have you read this week? Have you read any of these?

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Interested to see how Jolly Foul Play measures up against the others for you as after loving First Class, JFP was one of my least favourites.
    I’m hoping to read Finding Jack too after seeing some good reviews (even though I really don’t like the cover!)
    Hoping to read both Ship of Shadows and Orphans soon too!

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      1. No! Don’t skip it! It’s not bad, just definitely my least favourite. It’s very boarding school heavy which judt didn’t appeal to me as much as some of the others (mistletoe is a real fave on the other hand)

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