WWW Wednesday

I’m just about to start Grimm, and have started listening to Orphans of the Tide on audio, which I’m really enjoying – such a brilliant opening chapter!

I finished listening to The Last Paper Crane on my way to work this week.  This is such a powerfully written story that had me in tears for different reasons.  It is both heart-breaking and hopeful, a story of broken promises and guilt, but also of a life lived.  Ichiro is one of the most courageous characters I think I’ve ever read about. I also read The Key to Finding Jack. I really enjoyed this clever mystery which is not at all what I was expecting and is not typical of the mysteries I’ve been reading.  I will post my review in the next day or so. I also read The Missing Barbegazi which was a really wonderful story. I loved the Barbegazi family and the relationship which developed between Tessa and Gawion, one of the family. It is a heart-warming read with plenty of action. Tessa is a wonderful character who is keen to continue her Opa’s legacy and protect the Barbegazis from those who would exploit and hurt them.

I hope to read the third book in the Emily Knight series, I am Becoming … next, ready for an upcoming Blog Tour.

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