Review: Grimm

Grimm is an incredibly enjoyable story brimming with action, humour, a reluctant but brave hero, wonderfully eccentric characters, sinister occurences, a mystery to solve – and a curse!  Oh – and rats!  I hope that this has whet your appetite as this is a story to devour in a single sitting! 

Eleven-year-old Rory McKenna’s life is forever changed when he unwittingly becomes the marketing genius for Zizz Cola.  His success draws attention from the eccentric, and feared, owner of the sinister Hotel Grimm which overlooks the town. When a letter arrives summoning him to a meeting, he dare not refuse … for fear that he will meet a fate on par with, or worse than, some of the unfortunate former residents …

When he visits the hotel, he is charged with the task of rebranding Hotel Grimm in order to attract guests.  He is rather surprised by the owner of the Hotel, Granville Grimm who may not be quite what he has been branded by the town newspaper, The Chronicle.  Will Rory be able to improve the Hotel’s reputation in time to save it from closure?  Has its owner been misjudged by the town which so fears him, or will Rory become the next victim of Hotel Grimm?

This is such a clever, insightful story which was full of brilliant twists, revelations and family secrets that kept me completely intrigued as I uncovered the history of Hotel Grimm – and what an incredible history is revealed!   The messages around treating others fairly, honesty, media influence and not pre-judging others were brilliantly interwoven into the story. 

I really liked Rory who is determined, tenacious and courageous when needed.  He is willing to admit his mistakes and learns that honesty may well be the best policy.  I loved his relationship with his housebound Grandfather who he clearly adores.  I also really liked Bonnie, a wheelchair user, who is bright, helpful, astute and kind-hearted.  Rory and Bonnie’s friendship is warm and honest.

This is a thoroughly engrossing and perceptive mystery which completely immersed me in its pages … and I LOVED the ending! 

Thank you to the author, Mike Nicholson, for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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