YA Review: Witch

Published by Zephyr Books on 1st October

Witch is an incredibly powerful and deeply emotional story that held me enthralled from the opening pages. 

Evey and her younger sister Dill witness the brutal murder of their mother by the local witchfinder and his men.  Evey makes a promise to avenge her mother’s death by killing the men.  Leaving her nine-year-old sister with their Aunt, she seeks vengeance alone.  However, she soon finds herself with a new friend, the local Lord’s daughter, Anne and together they embark on a dangerous mission, a mission which will see them forging unbreakable bonds and taking courageous risks to seek vengeance.

This is a heartfelt story about the strength, courage and determination it takes to right wrongs, to re-dress the balance of nature.  A story of delving deep into your inner psyche and finding yourself, of self-belief and finding a transformative power within … a story of fury, of healing, of magick.

It is also a story of friendship, family, betrayal and fear encapsulated in a deep-rooted magick which is at the heart of the story.  Those in positions of power seek to use and control the women who can channel the magick for political gain, but they also fear, and are suspicious of, these women so seek to destroy. 

The raw grief, pain and anger which is tearing the sisters apart is heartbreakingly portrayed.  I found the complicated relationship between Evey and Dill a real strength of the narrative.  There is deep love, but also jealousy and brutal honesty caught up in their relationship with magick, their mother and each other.  They both have admirable inner strength and incredible reserves of courage.  They suffer, they endure, but they rise above their persecution.  The other main female in the story, Anne, has also suffered great loss at the hands of men, and is empathetic, kind-hearted and courageous.  I really enjoyed the friendship between her and Evey.

Overall, this is a deeply atmospheric, rich and emotive story which is both heart-breaking and uplifting.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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