WWW Wednesday

I’m currently reading Molly Thompson and the Crypt of the Blue Moon which I’m loving. Just as with the first book, I’m loving the writing style and wit. I’m listening to The Subtle Knife on audio after having enjoyed Northern Lights over the summer.

I’ve read three shorter books this week and finished an audiobook. I adored Michelle Harrison’s new verse chapter book for younger readers, Midnight Magic which follows a rather mischievous magical black kitten as she looks for a new home.

I’ve also read The Griffin Gate, Vashti Hardy’s first book for the wonderful Barrington Stoke who focus on publishing dyslexia friendly books. I’ve posted my review.

I read Zombierella by Joseph Coelho which is another story in verse, and the start of a new series.  The premise of this story is wonderful as fairy tales that have not been read go bad and change … this one tells the story of Cinderella whose fairy godmother brings her back from the dead to attend the prince’s ball. There is plenty of humour and gore to keep children entertained, but I’m not sure if perhaps it will be a little too much for more sensitive readers. 

I finished listening to The Ghost’s Child by Sonya Hartnett, and it has quickly become one of my favourite YA books ever, although it is perfectly suited to adults too!  I’m definitely going to be reading more of her books.  The Children of the King and The Silver Donkey are on my radar.  The writing is superb and I was quickly drawn into Matilda’s world as she recalled a life lived, a life worthy of living despite the pain and loss.  75 year old Matilda is visited by a teenage boy, and reminisces about her life.  There are some painful moments and some difficult parts to listen to (which could be triggers) but it was worth every second.  It is hard to categorise this into any genre but there are definite touches of magical realism and fable.    Matilda recounts joyous and painful moments of finding and losing love, of searching for answers and of moving on.  Her resilience and strength are awe-inspiring.  There is an ode to nature and a real magical quality to the writing. I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

I’ve absolutely loved every book written by Kiran Millwood Hargrave so I can’t wait any longer to read her new middle-grade, A Secret of Birds and Bone. I’m also going to try to read The Time Traveller and the Tiger on NetGalley.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

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