Review: Molly Thompson and the Crypt of the Blue Moon

Molly Thompson and the Crypt of the Blue Moon was one of my most eagerly anticipated books of the year as I adored Molly Thompson’s first sleuthing adventure in The Ghouls of Howlfair.  Molly’s second adventure is spine-tinglingly good:  fast-paced and action-packed, sparklingly witty, and with just the perfect dollop of scariness and tension to keep me on tenterhooks as I eagerly devoured every page. 

12-year-old Molly Thompson, Howlfair’s self-appointed sleuth and historian is not completely convinced that Howlfair has rid itself of their ghoul problem.  But she has another problem to solve:  she is determined to save her Mum’s Guesthouse from going out of business. 

When an opportunity to save the guesthouse comes knocking, Molly finds herself agreeing to become tour guide to a couple of journalists who intend to put Howlfair on the map! It just may not be a map the town wants to be on!  Journalists, siblings Lucinda and Orson Corches are not quite what Molly was expecting, and seem to have an insatiable appetite to investigate an old legend which originated in Howlfair, one relating to the sinister phantom known as the Silentman.  Of course, Molly is the perfect choice to help them in their mission, but will her desire to save her home put the town in danger?  And do the deliciously creepy siblings have more on their agenda than writing a feature on the world’s scariest town?

Oh my racing heart!  This was such an exhilarating and fast-paced read with tantalising twists and revelations that kept me utterly gripped as I ventured through Howlfair with Molly and her friends as they unravelled the truth behind the legend whilst discovering some other truths closer to home. Dark prophecy, the threat of old adversaries, swinging skeletons and a hidden crypt waiting for unsuspecting readers:  humour, horror and heart … sheer brilliance!

Molly is the most amazingly strong young girl!  She is brave, tenacious and clever and is determined not only to save her Mum’s Guesthouse from financial ruin, but also her town from ghoulish disaster.  This does not mean that she doesn’t make mistakes along the way which made me like her even more!  Luckily, she has help along the way from her wonderful friends Lowry and Felicity who each offer her support and honesty in their own inimitable styles!  Cue some brilliantly hilarious moments!  Molly also has to decide whether or not she can forgive and learn to trust another former friend, but I won’t say too much about that in case some readers have not yet read The Ghouls of Howlfair and, if you haven’t read it, you need to and then read this!  Of course, there is another important friend in Molly’s life and that is the adorable Gilbert who has an uncanny way of sensing trouble, warning Molly and coming to her aide just when it is needed.  I need to know more about Gilbert!

This is a brilliantly spooky, humorous read surrounded by the warmth of friendship and family which is just perfect to cuddle up with on a cold evening – just be prepared to be giggling one minute and spooked the next!  I so hope there’s going to be another mystery for Molly to solve – the ending makes me so yearn for another adventure!

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