Blog Tour: The Lost Child’s Quest by James Haddell

Cover Illustration by Clair Lansley

Thank you so much to James Haddell for providing me with an e-copy of The Lost Child’s Quest and for inviting me to be part of this Blog Tour. My review is my honest opinion of the book.

History, Mystery, Magic and Adventure

The Lost Child’s Quest is an action-packed, heart-warming adventure steeped in history and legend with an intriguing mystery to solve.  It is the first in the ‘Tales of Truth and Treasure’ series – and what a truly brilliant start to the series it is!

Tia Hemyke is just about to be adopted from the orphanage she has spent her childhood in when she has an encounter with a dangerous stranger.  Why is he so interested in the items which were left with her when she was abandoned as a baby?  Will her adoption by the Trevelyan’s keep her safe, or will this sinister stranger continue to prove a threat?

Tia is taken to her new home by the sea close to Stormhaven Castle where her adoptive parents work as archaeologists alongside historians uncovering the history of the Castle, but Tia has her own history to uncover.  She is determined to solve the mystery behind the ‘treasures’ which were left with her at the orphanage, and so begins her incredible adventure that takes her on a journey of self-discovery filled with intrigue, danger, magic and a quest for the truth behind an ancient legend …

I absolutely loved the skilful weaving of history and Arthurian legend in this fast-paced mystery as unexpected twists and revelations kept me enthralled throughout. The ending is completely satisfying, but also opens the door to the continuation of Tia’s quest which is definitely a journey I want to follow.

Tia is an incredibly sympathetic, kind-hearted young girl who is seeking both a home where she feels she belongs and is loved, and an understanding of where she has come from.  Even though she finds it hard to trust, she shows incredible courage and inner strength in opening up to her new family and seeking their help in fulfilling her quest.  She develops a warm and genuine friendship with her new sister, Meghan and school friend, Pasco.  Meghan is welcoming and gregarious whereas Pasco is much quieter and more studious; however, they both become supportive friends, prepared to help Tia fulfil her quest.  I adored the portrayal of the heartfelt bond which develops between Tia and her new family which felt really genuine and honest.

The Lost Child’s Quest is a fantastically heart-warming story of finding family, friendship and self which I absolutely adored, and is one I am keen to share with my class.  I love that James includes reference to the real-life treasures mentioned in the book and activities for every chapter.

You can order a copy via the website: and on Amazon.

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