WWW Wednesday

I’m currently reading Mistletoe and Murder on Borrowbox. I think I’ve manged to save this one for the perfect time to read! IU haven’t got too far into it yet, but I am enjoying it. Daisy and Hazel have gone to spend Christmas in Cambridge with Daisy’s older brother – I’m sure I won’t have long to wait until there’s another case for the Detective Society to solve. I’m just about to start listening to The Girl Who Saved Christmas on my way to and from work, and I’m so looking forward to it! I’ve also started Delivery to the Lost City, the final book in the A Train to Impossible Places Adventure series. I’m really enjoying being back with Suzy and her Trollville friends although the problem they have to deal with this time is my worst nightmare: an overdue book is draining all the words from the books in the library. I’m not sure I’ll cope if these books aren’t restored by the end of the story!

I’ve now finished listening to The Amber Spyglass on Borrowbox. I absolutely loved this one which is my favourite of the trilogy. Both Lyra and Will are such courageous, resilient and resourceful characters, and I really, really enjoyed their story arcs, even though the ending was so poignant. I found their journey to the Land of the Dead fascinating as was the emotional journey her mother took. I’m going to move on to watching the BBC series over Christmas .

I’ve wanted to read Scavengers for ages, so decided to pick it up at last. Oh my goodness! It is the most amazing and powerful story, and one that I absolutely devoured. Landfill lives in Hinterland (effectively a dump) with old Babagoo who found him abandoned as a baby and cared for him. Babagoo has given him a strict set of rules, including that he must not venture to the Outside as it is dangerous. There is such a sense of threat and unease in this story as Landfill begins to uncover difficult truths, and questions his reality as he strives for understanding. Some twists absolutely made me gasp and I was desperate to uncover the truth. My heart ached for Landfill who loses his innocence as he is awakened to the world around him. His relationship with Babagoo is complex and difficult and was, at times, hard to bear. This is such a powerful and emotive coming-of-age story that I can highly recommend.

I’ve decided to read a few Christmas-themed books next, starting with The Night I Met Father Christmas.

What have you read this week? Have you read any of these?

7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Lovely selection Mary! It will not surprise you to know that Mistletoe and Murder is my favourite of these 😁 If you get a chance to visit the real Fitzbillies in Cambridge I highly recommend it, the sticky buns are every bit as scrummy as Hazel describes them😋

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    1. Scavengers is one of my favourite reads this year. It kept me guessing and the twists were brilliant. I’m so looking forward to seeing what Darren Simpson writes next. I won’t wait so long to read another of his books.

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