WWW Wednesday

I read a LOT of middle-grade, but I’ve decided to read a few more adult books over the Christmas break. I’ve just finished a middle-grade book about witches, so I’m going to start an adult one, The Once and Future Witches. This is one that comes highly recommended by the wonderful Rachael at Bellis Does Books, so I’m really looking forward to reading it.

I’ve finished reading North Child which I absolutely loved. I’m so glad I picked this up one as it has been on my TBR since last Christmas. I adored Rose who has the heart of an adventurer and is filled with courage and inner strength. This gave me Beauty and the Beast and Snow Queen vibes. I don’t know the Norwegian fairy tale on which it is based but I have seen that the wonderful Jackie Morris is releasing her version on 18th March next year. I found the whole story magical, at times both heart-breaking and heart-warming. This really did have the feel of an epic quest which was beautifully orchestrated throughout. I do have the sequel, West, and am hoping not to leave it quite so long to read!

I also read The Miracle on Ebenezer Street which is pure Christmas joy! George and his family are grieving the death of his mother at Christmas three years previously. His father is still grieving and cannot bear to celebrate Christmas, throwing himself into his work at the expense of his family. George meets Marley in his Curiosity Shop and finds a magical snow globe which will grant him wishes. He wants to bring Christmas and warmth into his home again, and to have his mother’s presence still felt in the house. This is a truly gorgeous, magical story, filled with humour, adventure and warmth where George, his father and his wonderful Nana Flo are taken on an adventure into three Christmases – past, present and future. I adored Tricksie the elf and Randolph, a purple reindeer and brother of Ruldoply (touchy subject!) who infuse the story with so much humour – they absolutely deserve a story of their own!

I also read Chill which my husband bought me as a birthday gift. I really enjoyed this ghost story set in the Scottish Highlands with an historical link to the Jacobite uprising. It wasn’t quite as spooky as some other middle-grade books I’ve read recently, but the story definitely kept me interested as Samuel Cunningham and his new friend Fiona Morton uncover the mystery behind the Weeping Lady who haunts the Morton home. I definitely want to pick up the next one, Shiver.

I’ve just finished The Forest of Moon and Sword which I was approved to read via NetGalley. This is being released on 7th January. This story starts in Scotland and tells the story of Art Flynt who witnesses her mother being taken by soldiers hunting witches under the command of the Witch Finder General. Feeling unwanted and desperate to rescue her mother, who has been taken to England, Art undertakes a mission to rescue her. I will post my review before publication.

Was I keeping my fingers crossed that this would be released on NetGalley? Yes! Did I keep checking every day? Definitely! Did I request it at super-fast finger-tapping speed? Oh yes! And, was it the fastest approval I’ve got – yeah – Happy Christmas to me! This is one of my MOST anticipated releases for 2021 as I loved the first two Widdershin sisters’ adventures in this series, A Pinch of Magic and A Sprinkle of Sorcery and I have signed copies of both! Hopefully, I’ll get a signed copy of this too when it is published on 4th February.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

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