Six for Sunday

The January theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot is It’s all about booooooooooks and today’s prompt is for Books you wish you’d read in 2020. Oh my goodness, I am a bit of a book buying addict, so my bookshelves are full of books I’ve bought in 2020 that I’d fully intended to read but just haven’t got round to them – yet!

I’m going to choose three books from series and three books I’ve heard so much about that I really, really want to read them soon!

I loved the previous books in all of these series, and eagerly bought these as soon as they were published. I know I’m going to love all of these – and will get round to reading them soon – I hope!

These are all exactly the kind of books I enjoy, so I really need to find some time to read them. I suppose it is a testament to the quality of the books being published that I have so many I’m keen to read. This could definitely have been a Fifty for Sunday for me – and I do read lots of books – it’s just that I also buy lots of books!!

Have you read any of these? What books do you wish you’d read in 2020?

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