WWW Wednesday

I’ve just started The Abbey Mystery (slightly later than I had intended to as I got distracted by another recommendation). I’m just about to start The Good Bear on audio.

I’ve read four books this week. Leo’s Map of Monsters is the start of a series for younger readers, and was a really fun read which I enjoyed. Leo lives behind a wall to protect the villagers from dangerous creatures in the forest.  On their ninth birthdays, the village children are given an assignment to match their talents.  Leo loves reading and writing so is convinced that he will join his friend at the Record Office.  However, when he opens his assignment, he discovers two words:  TOP SECRET.  He is immediately whisked away by the Village Chief, Gilda to meet the person he has been assigned to:  The Guardian.  Leo finds himself discovering the secrets of the forest, and learning that his assignment is to protect the villagers from monsters – and monsters from the villagers!  Will Leo be successful in his first mission:  to save the village from an enraged Armoured Goretusk who is heading in their direction?  Leo learns that he is braver than he thinks, and makes a wonderful friend in Starla, a rather cute flying monster. 

I listened to the audiobook of The Silent Stars Go By after seeing it recommended by Lily. This story is set after the First World War, during the Christmas period.  The vicar’s young daughter, Margot, has had a child out of wedlock to her fiancé Harry who went to war and was reported missing in action.  Feeling that she had no other choice, she gave up her child, James, to be adopted and raised by her parents.  Margot has come home to spend Christmas with her family, and meets with Harry again who has survived the war.  My heart went out to Margot as she is forced to make choices because of societal ‘norms’ of the time and as she goes through the almost unbearable anguish of being close to her son, but not being able to treat him as such.  This is a beautifully written, and heartfelt story, that I was completely immersed in. 

I also read an e-book of The Dragon and her Boy on NetGalley. I requested this book as I had really enjoyed the author’s previous book, Tiger Heart. This story is based around one of the children from that story, Stick, who meets a dragon under the streets of London. I really enjoyed the story which was fast-paced and exciting. The dragon is just brilliant! I will be posting my review within the next few days.

Finally, I DEVOURED Storm over a couple of days after Rachael recommended it. I read late into the night and was up at 5:30am to read some more before going to work. OMG!! What can I say? I only knew one thing about this book, and am so glad that I hadn’t even read the synopsis. So much in this story led me in unexpected directions. The voice of the main character, Frances, is captured brilliantly, and made it such a brilliant, flowing read. I don’t want to say anything about the plot as it was just so wonderful to go into this book ‘blind’ and I think it made it even more enjoyable. I absolutely can’t wait to read the author’s next book, Starboard. Thank you so much Rachael for telling me to read this – I ABSOLUTELY loved it!

I think I’ll probably read A Wolf for a Spell next.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Wonderful selection there! I loved The Abbey Mystery! And The Silent Stars Go By is so extremely beautiful…I have no words. I haven’t read The Good Bear, but I love Sarah Leans’ writing and bears, so it’s probably a must-read for me. I haven’t read A Wolf For A Spell, but sense I really need to! Thanks for this.

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    1. The Silent Stars Go By is wonderful. I will try to read some other books by Sally Nicholls. I’m really enjoying The Good Bear. I haven’t read as much of The Abbey Mystery as I’d wanted to as work got in the way, but I’m looking forward to finishing it over the weekend. The mention of Baba Yaga made me want to read A Wolf for a Spell.

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