WWW Wednesday

I’ve just finished a book, but this will be the next one I’m picking up!

I’ve finished listening to the audiobook of The Good Bear on BorrowBox. I really enjoyed this one which was both heart-warming and poignant. The Norwegian setting at Christmas was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading about the contrast in Christmas traditions. Thea wants to be a writer, and is hoping to connect with her father again through sharing her passion for writing when she visits him and his new family. She is also hoping that he will get her a much-coveted typewriter, but instead she is given something much more practical: some snow boots! Thea doesn’t bond with her father as easily as she had hoped and there is a distance between them, and an awkwardness with his new family, that drives her out into the snowy woods … and to making a life-changing discovery. She finds an old bear and makes a connection with him that she cannot find with her father. Will Thea be able to save her bear when he is in danger from the townspeople? This is a gorgeously told story that deals with hurt, the struggle to bond and form new relationships as well as fulfilling your dreams and the joy to be found in the natural environment.

Although I hadn’t been intending to, I felt drawn to read The Monsters of Rookhaven which absolutely blew my mind! This is such a clever, insightful story that has me asking questions and thinking about it long after I’ve finished, much to my poor husband’s bemusement! I have got more to say about this one soon but, be warned, most of my thoughts on it are not quite coherent!

I’ve also finished The Abbey Mystery which is due to be published in April. I read this with a real feeling of nostalgia as the author so brilliantly captures the Georgian society in which Jane Austen lived and wrote about, and it brought me back to my early teenage years when I devoured Jane Austen novels. I think Jane is now one of my new favourite characters! I’m currently writing my review for this one, and will post slightly closer to publication.

I was very excited to receive an early review copy of this one as I wasn’t expecting it! It is due for release at the start of March so I thought I’d read it next!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

9 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

    1. I haven’t read Tin either even though I do have a copy. I have now downloaded it on audio and definitely want to give it a go. I absolutely loved Pog – have you read it? I definitely think you’d like Monsters – it’s certainly thought-provoking!


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