WWW Wednesday

I’ve started listening to the audiobook of Changeling on Borrowbox. I’m really enjoying this world so far and think I’m going to really like the main character Sarah. Things are just getting interesting! I meant to read Everyday Magic last week but, unfortunately, work got in the way so I’m going to start it next.

These are two books which have been on my TBR for a long time! I finished the audiobook of Tin rather than reading the physical book. This is the first middle-grade book by Padraig Kenny. I’ve read and really enjoyed his next two, Pog and The Monsters of Rookhaven. It took me a while to get into this one but, when I did, I really enjoyed it. It felt quite dark and violent and there were some parts which shocked me a little, so this is one definitely suited to the upper end of primary. There was one particular thread that fascinated me that I think would make for great discussion (in unison with Wuildspark by Vashti Hardy).

Being so busy at work has meant that it has taken me longer than I had anticipated to read A Darkness of Dragons, but I got up at 6am to finish it this morning. Wow! I thought this was a brilliant story with three great friends, Patch, Wren and Barver who I absolutely adored. The three have a lot of obstacles to overcome, all with their own problems; however, they work together to help each other. There is a villain in the background who pervades the story and lends it a sense of urgency and danger which makes it fast-paced and brilliant! I have the next book in the series, A Vanishing of Griffins, on my bookcase and really, really want to read it soon, especially as this one is fresh in my mind. I discovered that the author was born in Belfast, so I might try to add it to my ‘Reading Ireland Month’ challenge.

I’ve wanted to do a re-read of Eye of the North for so long, so I’ve chosen to include it in my ‘Reading Ireland Month’ challenge.

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