WWW Wednesday

I didn’t post a WWW Wednesday last week as I didn’t actually do any reading which I think is a first for me since I started blogging. Getting back into school with all the children, writing reports and prepping work for a child who is still isolating and joining live sessions (even though I thought they’d be over!) has just taken it out of me, so I just didn’t have the energy to read. But, I have managed to get back into it now that I’ve settled into a routine again.

I have been sent a copy of Skin Taker and it has jumped to the top of my TBR. I read Viper’s Daughter last year and loved the pre-historic world and the brilliance of Michelle Paver’s writing which builds atmosphere and tension so brilliantly. I am only a few chapters into Skin Taker and, oh my goodness, it is incredible. I am continuing to listen to Changeling on audio after taking a break to listen to a different audio book (which is not like me!). I’m really enjoying this story whose main character, Sarah/Cassie is wonderful, finding her way out of her servant role, and into that of the magical class rulers. I have a fair idea of where this one is going, but am definitely invested in finishing it over the rest of this week.

I listened to Echo Mountain from Borrowbox. Just wow! I am not at all surprised that it has been longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. It tells the story of Ellie and her family who have had to leave their town after losing everything in the financial crash and begin again on Echo Mountain. It is a hard life for the family, made even more so when Ellie’s father is severely injured and is in a coma. Ellie is the most incredible young girl, so courageous, resilient and taking a huge burden on her shoulders to provide for her family. Whilst her mother and older sister hate their new life, Ellie feels like she is coming home and at one with nature. She feels emotions powerfully, empathising with the creatures around her. She is unrelenting in her determination to heal her father and, as part of this process, she meets Cate who others see as a hag or witch, but she is someone else entirely. Just brilliant! This is a powerful story that will touch your heart, shock and invigorate – definitely one I highly recommend.

I also read Lightfall which is a graphic novel. I haven’t read very many graphic novels even though my husband keeps encouraging me to read them as he is a huge fan. I really enjoyed this as it had the fantasy elements I love in a story, and I’m hoping that some of my class will now enjoy it.

I also finished Everyday Magic which tells the story of Arthur Blackstack who is sent to his aunts after the death of his parents. He likes peace and quiet, but this is not what he gets when he discovers that his aunts are witches and he is thrown into an adventure that tests his courage. This is quite a quirky and humorous with some wonderful characters. I will be posting my review shortly.

I absolutely devoured Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest as soon as I got it as I’m such a fan of Vashti Hardy’s writing – and she seems to be writing a lot, with at least two more books out this year. I have posted my review of this wonderful book for younger readers here.

I meant to read this one last week, and am hoping to get to it over this weekend.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Oof your first week back sounds hard going, sure you were glad to see your class but must have been tiring (and I can’t believe you’re still having to do online lessons too! Poor you!)
    I’d nit really heard anything about Echo Mountain, but you’ve managed to add another to my tbr there 😆

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