WWW Wednesday

I’ve just finished reading a physical copy of a book and haven’t started my next one yet. I have read a physical copy of The Skylarks’ War last year, but I found the audiobook on BorrowBox so I’m listening to it again in preparation for reading The Swallows’ Flight. I’m really enjoying the narration, and being back in this masterfully created world with characters who I feel I really know.

I finished listening to Changeling on audio. I really enjoyed this one and would definitely be interested in seeing where it goes next as I’m hoping it is part of a series. I really enjoyed the growth of Sarah/Cassie throughout, the use of magic and the school environment. Cassie forms lots of relationships in the book which I thought were really well developed. I also read Skin Taker which is just brilliant. I love the depth of Michelle Paver’s writing and I can definitely see the connections between her adult books and this one in terms of building atmosphere and tension. I will be taking part in a Blog Tour for this one later this week, and will be posting my review then. I finally managed to re-read the truly fantastic Eye of the North and will write my review this weekend which will be my first post for Reading Ireland Month.

I’m going to continue with Reading Ireland Month with the final part in this amazing trilogy, The Storm Keepers’ Battle.

What have you read this week? Have you read any of these?

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