Review: Dragon World

Written by Tamara MacFarlane
Illustrated Alessandra Fusi
Published by Doring Kindersley Ltd on 4th March


Lurking in every corner of the world, from mountain peaks to ocean depths, and even under the very ground you tread, dragons watch and wait …

Whether as powerful gods, wise friends, or fearsome foes, dragons take many forms, and exist in myths from cultures all over the world.

So turn the pages to enter the dragon’s domain. Soar through their skies, look into their lairs, witness their power, and discover their incredible world.

Who isn’t fascinated by dragons? This is an absolutely stunning and incredibly engaging book about my favourite mythological creatures: dragons. I was utterly fascinated by every aspect of this book: the maps, the fact files and the myths. The illustrations are gloriously gorgeous, making this a very special book which I know children are going to adore. This is one for the treasured books section of your bookshelf, and is one that will be lovingly dived into time and time again.

Dragon World is a wonderful introduction into the world of dragons for younger readers, and is perfect for parents and teachers to share with children. As a teacher, I can see so much potential for using this book in class with its links to history, science, English, art and geography.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Asian Dragons
  • European Dragons
  • Dragons of the World
  • Dragon Discoveries

Each of the first three sections includes:

  • a beautifully illustrated map showing the names and images of dragons linked to places. I loved the compass in the shape of a dragon!
  • detailed information about the dragons included in the myths: The Chinese Long dragon; the Japanese Ryujin dragon; the Welsh Y Ddraig Goch dragon; the Nordic Lindworm dragon; the West African Aido-Hwedo dragon.
  • wonderfully retold myths: The Dragon Dance (China); The Dragon King and the Jellyfish (Japan); The Dragon Battle (Wales); The Dragon Curse (Norse); and The Earth Serpent (North Africa).
  • Fascinating facts about a wide range of dragons of the world including: Appearance, Dwelling and Powers and Traits.

The final section focusses on ‘Dragon Discoveries‘ including identifying dragon eggs; dragon jewels; real-life dragons; dragon science; and, artwork encouraging readers to draw and design their own dragon.

This book offers such a wonderful opportunity to enter the entrancing world of dragons. As an adult, I was captivated, so I have no doubt that children will spend many happy hours absorbed by the text, maps and illustrations.

Dragon World is a perfect fantasy information book for younger readers, and is one I am very keen to use myself in the classroom as I can see so much potential to engage children in this world.

Thank you to DK for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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