Six for Sunday

The April theme for Six for Sunday, hosted by A Little But a Lot is The Viper-inspired ones and today’s prompt is for Magical books. I love books with magic and have decided to cheat a little (a lot!) by including six of my favourite magical series! The covers of these books are just as magical as the contents!

I read The Strangeworlds Travel Agency about a year ago, and absolutely adored the concept of travelling to other worlds through suitcases. I’ve just finished The Edge of the Ocean, and, oh my goodness, it is brilliant. I loved being back with Flick and Jonathan as they are joined by Jonathan’s not-quite cousin Avery in their mission to save the pirate and mer-folk inhabitants of a world which is collapsing. I will post my review in the next couple of days.

I absolutely loved The Storm Keeper’s Island series which is set on the island of Arranmore and follows Fionn Boyle, who is the island’s newly appointed Storm Keeper, on his quest to protect the islanders from the sorceress Morrigan and her terrifying Soulstalkers. The use of candles, which contain memories, as conduits for magic is just ingenious as Fionn can be transported into past memories which are very cleverly tied into present events. The world-building is truly wonderful. This is definitely an action-packed, tension-filled series with plenty of heartfelt moments. I will be posting my review of The Storm Keepers’ Battle next week.

I adored this bewitching series. It follows Arianwyn Gribble, who is sent to Lull, which hasn’t had a resident witch for many years, to continue her apprenticeship after failing her evaluation to become a fully-fledged witch. Once there, she finds herself caught up in saving Lull from dangers, and finds that she is more magical than at first thought. I loved the friendships Arianwyn forms and she remains one of my favourite middle-grade characters.

I read the first two books one after the other in February 2019 and had to wait until June last year for the release of the final book in the trilogy. This has a brilliant opening as Mup and her mother are followed home by Raggedy Witches on the night that her Aunty dies. They kidnap Mup’s Dad in order to force her mother to return to Witches Borough where she discovers that her grandmother is the evil ruler. I still remember the feeling of the anger conveyed by The Little Grey Girl and though the writing was incredible. I found this a really powerful and emotive series and, if I ever get time, I would love to read all three books together again.

I absolutely adore this series and can’t believe that I haven’t read the the third one yet, but I do have it! Willow Moss is a witch who finds lost things which turns out to be a more important talent than she had first thought. The star for me is Oswin who is my favourite ever cat – I mean, kobold – he is utterly, utterly brilliant! There is a world of colourful characters, humour, plenty of action and so much warmth. I really need to pick up the third one!

I had to include the A Pinch of Magic series! I adore the three Widdershins sisters, Betty, Fliss and Charlie who have to break a curse to allow them to leave  the isle of Crowstone. My favourite part of this series is the bond between the sisters as well as how the past/legends are interwoven into the girls’ fate. I also loved Granny!

What magical series have you enjoyed? Are any of these on your list?

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