Review: BigFoot Mountain

BigFoot Mountain is a beautifully told, heart-warming tale of dealing with loss, oneness with nature and protecting the environment told through the dual narrative of Minnie, a young girl who has lost her mother and Kaayii, a young sasquatch who has lost his home. 

Minnie lives in one of a small group of cabins built by her mother and her stepfather, Dan at the foot of the mountain surrounded by pine forest and close to a bay.  There have been wildfires which have stopped any tourists from renting the cabins, so their only neighbours are Connie and her son, Billy who live in a nearby cabin.  Exploring with Billy and his dog Musto, they discover a mystery to solve … four large footprints on the mountain trail.  Could they have been made by the legendary BigFoot?  Whilst Minnie is willing to believe in the existence of these mighty creatures, Dan thinks they are a hoax.  Determined to prove him wrong, Minnie begins her research and her search for the truth behind the footprints …

Meanwhile, young Kaayii and his clan have been forced to leave their home in the mountain due to devastating forest fires and are in search of a new home.  They are guardians of the forest, keen to maintain natural balance and have a deeply held respect for their environment.  Kaayii has been warned to keep his distance from humans but he has a curious nature and a kind heart…

I loved the depiction of the magnificence of the forest and mountain landscape, the healing influence of the natural environment and the appreciation of the importance of balance within it. 

I really felt for Minnie who is struggling to deal with the recent death of her mother.  She shares her mother’s love of nature and exploration and finds solace, but also pain, in remembrance.   The only thing Minnie and Dan have in common is their love for her mother.  I thought that the awkwardness and tentativeness between them was tenderly portrayed as they strove to heal their relationship and find a closer bond.   

I really enjoyed the dual narrative perspective as it allowed both Minnie’s and Kaayii’s story to be told with their overlapping viewpoints on the same events within the story.  They share loss, affinity with nature and care for the environment and, through their empathetic natures, they find a way to help each other. 

This is a heartfelt and tender story of loss, healing and remembrance with a strong environmental message conveyed within a magnificent landscape that captured me wholeheartedly. 

Thank you to Fritha Lindqvist and Firefly Press for a proof copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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