#20 Books of Summer 2021

I’ve taken part in the 20 Books of Summer for the last two years, but have yet to be able to complete the challenge so, this year, I’ve decided to go for 10 books instead and, if I review more, then that’s a bonus! #20BooksOfSummer20 is an annual event hosted by Cathy at 746 Books, and this year runs from Tuesday 1 June and finishes on Wednesday 1 September. I’m very excited to get started on this challenge and am definitely hoping to complete more than 10, but am not going to put any pressure on myself if I don’t manage to so this.

I’ve chosen to go with five proof copies (either from NetGalley or physical proofs I’ve been sent) and five from my bookshelves.

I hope I manage to complete the challenge this year and maybe even adjust to 15 or 20 Books of Summer! Thank you to Cathy for organising this challenge!

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