WWW Wednesday

I’m almost finished Pride & Prejudice on audiobook, and have so enjoyed this journey back to a favourite classic book. I’ve also started Voyage of the Sparrowhawk. It’s a wonderful adventure so far with two very sympathetic children, Ben and Lotti who are both lonely and have formed a close friendship. Ben lives on a narrowboat, The Sparrowhawk. They are both missing loved ones, so set off on a voyage to find them. It has a feel of a classic adventure and I’m looking forward to continuing it over the next few days.

I finished reading The Cooking Club Detectives which is a wonderful story of friendship, family and community. I took part in the Blog Tour on Tuesday where I posted a piece from the author and my review. I also read When the Sky Falls and, I’m not ashamed to say, finished it with tears streaming down my face. Wow! This is such a powerful story that completely gripped me. Joseph, Syd and Mrs F, not to mention the silverback gorilla, Adonis all found a way into my heart. A blisteringly astounding book that deserves all the awards I’m hoping come its way. It would be a perfect book for Year 6 studying the Second World War.

I came home today to find that I’d been sent an early copy of Crowfall, so it has jumped straight to the top of my TBR. I’ve loved everything Vashti has written, and can’t wait to read this. It will be released on 1st July. Our Year 4 children had a virtual visit with her yesterday where she talked to them about her books and did a fantasy world-building map workshop with them. The children were so engaged: they loved listening to her talking about her inspiration for Brightstorm, creating maps and asking questions. They then spent the afternoon completing their maps which were fantastic. They will be so excited when I bring this in to school!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

11 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. Voyage of the Sparrowhawk is one of my absolute favourites of last year, so pleased you`re enjoying it 🙂
    Have you read the Children of Castle Rock? I`m so excited for Crowfall coming out next month!! I loved Brightstorm and Wildspark so much.
    Amy x

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  2. Yay! I’m so glad you loved When the Sky Falls, it’s such a recent favourite of mine.
    I have Voyage of the Sparrowhawk waiting too. I’ve no idea when I’ll get to it, but you’ve definitely given me a nudge!

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    1. It is so good! The ending especially broke me – so sad but also so wonderful. Thank you so much for recommending this otherwise I might not have picked it up for a while. It would be such a powerful read for Year 6! Voyage feels like a classic adventure- wonderful! Hope you’ve had a good week.

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      1. Oh that is good to know. And yes, that ending is just perfect but destroyed me too! I finished it right before starting work and it was really jarring. I felt I needed to sit for a while but if course couldn’t! Lesson learnt next time I know an ending is going to be powerful – wait!

        I’ve been off this week but have spent it tufting and clearing out and sorting so now I want another week off to actually rest and read!

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      2. I finished it just after midnight and my husband found me crying my eyes out. I then started to make notes as I really want to review this. I’m not sure I’d have been able to focus on work after this! A week off is never enough! Is tufting weaving? – had to look it up! 😂

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