Review: Lost in the Clouds

Written and Illustrated by Tom Tinn-Disbury

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Published on 6th May

Lost in the Clouds is a heartfelt and sensitively written story about grief and the loss of a parent.

Billy’s mother has died and he imagines that she lives in a cloud.  On good days, he plays in the garden with his father and imagines that his mother has made their day brighter.  On other days, his mother’s cloud appears bigger which allows him to feel closer to, and talk to her, but this also makes him feel her loss more deeply. 

One day, when he is feeling her loss more keenly, Billy decides to climb up to her clouds so that he can talk to her …

This is a wonderfully told story that explores the feelings surrounding grief and loss in an accessible and gentle way for young children.  The use of weather analogy to explore emotions is something children will intuitively understand from sunny, bright days to dark storm clouds.

The emotions felt by both Billy and his father are honest and heartfelt.  When Billy feels his mother’s loss most, so does his father which makes it more difficult for them to communicate as they are both dealing with their own grief.  However, when Billy needs his father most, he is there to catch him even when he is struggling to cope with his own loss. 

This beautiful story captures how important it is to talk: to talk to the person you have lost; to talk to the other people who are grieving that loss too; and, to talk to others about how you are feeling. 

Remembering those we have lost is an important part of dealing with our grief:  this moving story leaves its reader with a heartfelt message of hope and healing.

The illustrations are wonderful and really capture the changing emotions explored through the words which makes this a perfect book to use to discuss this difficult issue with young children.

There is also a guide for adults to help children going through grief and a list of organisations that can be contacted to offer additional support. This is a heart-warming story dealing with grief in an empathetic manner, offering support to both children and adults.   

Thank you to Abi Walton and DK for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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